Top-5: Danza

Welcome back Danza aka Filip Esaiasson who shared some Swedish faves with us. In 2015, when he appeared in our podcast, he started his edits label Dubbla Budskap. This year, he started Fri Form alongside Prins Emanuel, Golden Ivy and Emil Broomé with releases of Stefan Fredin and Nels Jenstad. Check his top-5 selection including downtempo, techno, fusion and “Swedish” kwaito.

Zannah Hultén – I Love Your Crazy Face (1986)
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The late great Zannah was a legend in the Swedish music industry. She worked as a vocal coach and also as a singer/producer/musician with everyone from RHCP to Lena Philipsson (for ya’ll Swedes…). Back in 1986 she was married to Demba Conta who also produced this self-released single. My friend Jimmy Virkki found this in Malmö years back and this is one of those (few) Malmö DIY-releases you need. The instrumental with the heavy double bass is working for me. Hope it does it for you too!
R.I.P. Zannah!


Demba Conta – Yen Yen 12″ (Telegram Records Stockholm, 1992)

Got to keep explore the Hultén/Conta releases so here we go with the next one. If you’re tired of the “rare grooves” records from Sweden, this could be a record of your interest. Gambian artist Demba Conta (yup, same one as before) is living in Sweden since a long time now. He released a bunch of albums and singles produced by Sly & Robbie and also by himself. This, though, is kinda something else even though it’s also produced by Sly, I would say that this is the closest to a “Swedish” kwaito record you could come. Well I doubt there is any else, but anyway… -8 on the pitch makes the instrumental perfect for your random dance party!


Thomas Almqvist, Stefan Blomquist ‎– Silent Travellers LP (Mistlur Records, 1989)

Thomas Almqvist don’t need no further introduction I guess, besides he was one guitarr skilled wizzzard. This record he produced together with the great pianist Stefan Blomquist during several years. From a promo-sheet Thomas writes about the process: “It’s been dark nights, headaches, searching for sounds, strange error-messages from the computer and dying guitar strings.”

It’s just one crazy good record, going through new age, ambient, fusion-ish and some just very relaxing moments. Spend that paypal money!


Hypernature – Kaos 12″ (Ohm, 1991)

Swedish techno from 1991. The only reason I started to check out this group was because of Vito Ingrosso. The father of the multi mega DJ Sebastian Ingrosso aka one of the humble guys in Swedish House Mafia. Oh well, Hypernature was a collabo with Vito and Joachim Hövel. The track I felt for was the basline driven track “Exposed”, of course it was too bangin for me so I had to flip it to 33 and pitch it up +8. Now even my kid can enjoy it in the afternoon!


Niklas Rådström – S/T (MNW, 1984)

This is the classic situation that often happens with some records I would say. Picked it up some years ago after I’d researched it through some weird forum in a thread about radio jingles, as you do. Was too much weirdness to the discussion so I had to check it out. After buying it I wasn’t too impressed with the spoken word parts etc. I let it rest for a year and suddenly “Regndansarens Sånger” felt like the perfect song for me, at least.

Niklas is a famous Swedish author and only did this record with Freddie Söderling. When I asked him about more music he said: “We were joking that we should either make a new record before we turned 40 or after one of us was elected to the Swedish Academy. We’re both past 40 since a long time and the Academy will avoid us”. I Guess we won’t hear any more new music from them, but who cares, it’s a genius recording!


Danza: Soundcloud, Instagram
Fri Form: website

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