Top-5: Danny Bushes

Danny P. Bushes is an impressive digger and a DJ, he’s throwing his parties in London and launched the label two years ago. Some words from the man on his top-5: “I wanted to write about music that connected me vividly to a place and time; London and the last six months or so. These records remind me of pubs, clubs and after parties but they also invoke the feelings and experiences I share with my friends here; anxiety, urgency, impermanence and a glimmer of hope.”

Nick Klein – The Lonesome Dealer [Alter, 2016]

‘Chats with Lucy’, the type of record I want to hear when I walk into a dark club filled with smoke and bodies. Menacing as fuck.

Xvarr – Aeons Revolve [Twin Womb, 2018]

I’m really into everything XVARR’s put out, it could have easily been the LP ‘Beyond Illuminism’ here. But I keep coming back to ‘Subliminal Bliss’, it has this encroaching rhythm that feels both primitive and alien, makes me think of Nommos or Roedelius in a foul mood. Respect to Zahir!

Felix K – Momentum [Nullpunkt, 2018]

I heard Jack (Scientific Dreamz Of U) play ‘MSCL’ at a Low Company in-store and I bought it right away. Austere techno that you can’t help but throw your weight around to, head-banging music. Hearing my mate Kenny play this at Fold a few nights ago for the Whities party will stay with me for ages, running in from the smoking area with Conel and Asia, big up!

John T. Gast – BTEC Version #2 [Self-released, 2018]

I think Gast is making some of the most exciting music out right now, these two 12″s that came out recently are bits from a few years ago just seeing the light of day. Club Version sounds like a 2080 cyborg version of Larry Heard about to malfunction and disintegrate at any moment.

Ubaldo – La pèrdua de l’estat [Boira Discos, 2017]

This was a recommendation from the guys at Discos Paradiso in Barcelona. I don’t know much about Ubaldo, there’s a video on youtube of him dancing around in a graveyard. I’ve kept this pretty close to my heart and will do for a long time to come.

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