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This always smiling guy is one of the finest Canadian DJs, he moved to Berlin and continue curating Common Edit label. But I discovered him just recently, after the Dekmantel mix, and immediately felt a connection when Dane played the old Maurice Fulton remix of Brandy Ifgray. It’s such a sweet, festive and “feeling good” moment! Here, the man delivered a selection of his fave records including ambient, house, disco and more.


Khotin – New Tab [Pacific Rhythm, 2018]
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I know the Khotin stuff is well known to the Krossfingers readers but I never pass up a chance to talk about Dylan’s music, #1 fan! Plus after some lengthy pressing delays the 2xLP was just released a couple of months ago, so just got a little breath of fresh air and wanted to mention. But Dylan’s tunes are quite sentimental for me as I love and admire his music so much. His music is beautiful and really just keeps getting better. I got quite excited when I first heard New Tab, had been hoping for more ambient type stuff from him and the bud delivered! From start to finish it paces through the steps so well and really shows off his melodic talents with sweetness and honesty. Each tune just takes the next step and progresses as naturally as anything could really. Endless dreamy melody, endearingly funny little spoken samples and it really takes off when you hit Fever Loop, makes you feel something. It’s the whole package, from the music down to the sleeve all thought up by the man himself. Big ups to Dylan and Pacific Rhythm for having the patience to get it out. I’ll surely cherish this record for a lifetime.


Four Hands – Hizou [Claremont 56, 2010]
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Bit of an oddball to put a 1-sided 12” for this next one but it’s too good to overlook. I ran a record shop for a number of years called Treehouse Records back in my hometown of Edmonton in Canada. Always been a big Claremont 56 fan so pretty much used to just order their releases in blindly. So when this one came in it blew me away. It’s become one of my favourite tunes, an emotional roller coaster that wells you up. Builds and builds as the strings are introduced, it’s gorgeous. Nine minutes that could last forever. They seemingly only ever put out a couple tunes under the Four Hands name but really that’s all that needed to happen, pretty much nailed it.


Rhythm Workshop – Take Action EP [Blast Records, 1991]
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Wanted to include some dancefloor jams on this and this ones a big one! 5 hot cuts on this record, easily my favourite house jam at the moment, there’s something for everyone on it. Big plus for me too as it’s a Canadian joint, produced by Chris Fielder in 91’ who really only appears on this label, Blast Records. Was a sub of the Canadian giant Hi-Bias I do believe and they even did a collab with the infamous Bigshot Records (also a great release) but they only really put out a few records on Blast. Mostly from Mr. Fielder and Ron Allen with a small number from some others. This ones arguably the star though, every cut has some serious use, from the breaky Aftershock tune down to the drummy house number, Incog Mix of Don’t Let Go. Every cut works real nice and I’m quite enamoured by it. Hasn’t left the bag since I bought it and probably won’t for some time. Not often you get 5 very useful cuts on a 12”. Big love for Blast, I have a few of the others and most of em rule.


John Blair – Momma Said Shut Up [SAKB, 1985]
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Gotta thank my man Derek in Vancouver for this one, it had sat in my wantlist on Discogs for ages and one night in Vancouver he played it while we were jamming and my mind was made up. Fate was on my side too, shortly after, I was in New York at easily one of my favourite shops in the whole wide world, Superior Elevation, and sure enough Tom had a crispy copy for sale. Lucky!! But this ones pretty much everything I love about dance music, super positive lyrics, with a heavy disco boogie groove that makes you smile. It’s a monster, I love it. Also co produced by the man Roy Ayers. The guy never stops!


Sven Libaek – Inner Space (The Lost Film Music Of Sven Libaek) [Trunk, 2006]
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This ones the elevator ride you never wanna get off of! Such lovely music, I first heard some of Sven’s music in the movie Life Aquatic. It’s the soundtrack of the movie they are making IN the movie. Ha! But originally composed for an Australian deep sea adventure television show on CBS called Ron & Val Taylor’s aptly named Inner Space. But this particular release is more of a comp from some of his other soundtrack work as well. This one gives you a nice listen into his sweet body of work. I love it, reminds me of crushed velvet and martini’s. Only thing missing is some gear off another album called Solar Flares which is super good as well. Been some reissued 45’s out there too that are worth gripping. But I’ve been listening to the Inner Space record for over a decade consistently and still always manage to come back to it. Tough to get sick of, it’s been a soundtrack to many roadtrips to Vancouver through the mountains when I used to drive out from Edmonton. Nice memories attached =)

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Text: Dane
Photo: Nadja

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