Top-5: Clicklounge

Welcome back my buddy Paulius aka Clicklounge! The guy residing & operating as a booker assistant at Opium Club, one of the prime night clubs in the country. A gourmet selector (check his podcast for me from 2017) compiled this classy list of cold classics.


Charles Cohen – Music For Dance And Theater (Morphine Records, 2013)

Been residing in the ‘moon land on earth’ named Iceland for the last couple of summers. Exchanging mid european heat into Icelandic wool sweater. Bumped into a local record store last june, called ‘Lucky Records’. Was lucky to catch Charles Cohen’s ‘Music For Dance And Theater’. Zen.


Bucharest – Budapest (Not On Label, 2017)

Bucharest, Budapest, Tel Aviv.

Behind the band’s name ‘Bucharest’ there snuggles four crazy guys from Tel Aviv, Israel.
Late spring this year, I spent a couple of days in Budapest, got dizzy of capital’s marvelous architecture & it’s manners.

Here you have three charming cities hidden into one vinyl.
Intercontinental and verbal city quiz solved.
Wear bandanas listening to this one.


Free Level – Blue Grass (Into The Light, 2019)

I am a big fan of George Theodorakis’ peculiar productions. Nonetheless, ’Free Level’ is a greek musical duo, formed in the early 80s. Consisting of George Theodorakis & Petros Skoutaris. Can’t go wrong.


Tangerine Dream – Force Majeure (Virgin, 1976)

A force majeure & irresistible energy floating through the whole record. It’s uplifting, grand & euphoric from the first note, yet intense & extreme at the end, but liberate in all forms possible. Can’t stop playing both 33 & 45RPM the whole LP.


Australian Testing Labs – Music For Aircooled Motoring (Polytechnic Youth, 2017)

‘Music designed to cope with the noise of motoring in the VW Type 2 and Type 25 Transporter. Recordings of highway driving were made inside the cab of a 1981 VW T25 Kombi traveling at 80kmh and used to test, compose and mix music that could be heard above or in harmony with the noise of the road and the air-cooled engine.’

Should I add on some more? OK, a fun fact only. I knew there was one copy drifting somewhere in Vilnius city. Wanted it so badly. Came to a friend for a dinner, surprisingly, that LP was already playing. Dinner was savory, I came back home with ‘Australian Testing Labs’ in my hands.


Texts Paulius Austrevičius
Cover photo Tadas Quazar

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