The best records of September 2017

Strong debuts and must-have compilations this month! Bore Hole, Knekelhuis, Nisantashi, 12th Isle, Vulcan Venti, Left Ear, Malka Tuti, ICI.

Rites Of Passage – Untitled EP 12″ [Bore Hole]

krossfingers-records-september-2017-Rites Of Passage-01

This release grabbed our attention this spring and now it finally gets the physical shape. The Bore Hole label, baby of Julia “Gestalt Player”, Rustem “XAN” and Sasha Tsereteli, released one of the strongest 12″ of 2017. Kirk Stephane aka Rites Of Passage recreates his own world in 6 tracks. Analogue madness is controlled here by some strange rules, textures are rich, the atmosphere is almost apocalyptic. Structures vary from hazy lo-fi ambient to hammering dancefloor tribal. Industrial shapes are combined with perfect sense of melody and primordial rhythms. This record is a catapult into another dimension, dirty, agressive and claustrophobic but the one you want to stay in.

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Various Artists – Kale Plankieren: Dutch Cassette Rarities 1981-1985 Volume 1 LP [Knekelhuis]


One of the finest compilations of synth and coldwave around. Selection from the label’s boss Mark van de Maat. We recently saw him performing live with Parrish Smith as Volition Immanent, brutal, powerful, extreme music and Mark was jumping around half-naked. And then you see his Facebook profile picutre, calm guy in glasses. You can feel such contrasts in this record also – music in the dark tones, occult, underground coldwave and new wave it feels intelligent at the same time and even warm inside. DIY scene of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, and Zwolle. Some of it sound familiar – for example Necronomicon’s track The Top is very close to the sound of Richenel 12″ on Music From Memory. It’s because these artists were creating their music almost at the same time, sometimes sharing label (like Richenel and Necronomicon on the Fetisj) or even gigs (like Necronomicon and Rite De Passage). The stylistic range and tempos are very diverse – from the peculiar ballad from Y Create, iconic synth dance of Rite De Passage, Rotterdan s’ insane industrial lullaby to funky sundown of Necronomicon and the funniest headless rhythm of Plus Instruments. Must-have.

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Nisantashi Primary School – Nisantashi Primary School 12″ [Nisantashi]

krossfingers-records-september-2017-Nisantashi Primary School-01

Please welcome the debut record from the Kiev-Berlin based project of Misha Shkurat, Vlad Azarov and Lusya Zoria. We once labelled their music as kraut-rock but let’s leave the genre names behind 🙂 The 12″ starts with the band’s hit Mr Fingers: minimal bass, live drums (played by our pal Alex Figueira) and commanding vocals mixed into one solid groove. Mantras sang in Lusya’s enchanting voice open Past Yesterday, gradually adding Vlad’s groovy bass and electronics/effects from Misha – the result is warm and intriguing, reminding some finest Prins Thomas works. Hills is another elegant example of building some inescapable rhythm. Finally, Misha closing the record with his own remix of Past Yesterday, perfect afterparty journey.

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Various Artists – Elsewhere MCMXIII 2xLP [ICI]


Our good friend DJ soFa made a fruitful selection for the ICI label. The sound is curious electronics with lots of unknown names. Center Of The Universe opens compilation with Oriental boogie in Feta. Spongemagnet pours ultraviolet druggy slo-mo in the style of mid-2000s space disco. Puma & The Dolphin and then Ekstern just blown our minds with crazy rhythms and melodies. The Elsewhere MCMXIII double vinyl really cracks from goodness. Intergalactic dance from T Woc, super minimalistic Der Kundalini and one more grinder from Tolouse Low Trax. Have a proper listen please.

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Cru Servers – Blubber Totem LP [12th Isle]

krossfingers-records-september-2017-Cru Servers-01

Even the name of this record sounds fat, man. Fergus Clark and co continue to pinch a bit of extra talented Glaswegian scene and put it into our ears. Analogue madness peppered with stardust. Extravagant, dubby, slo-mo, hip-hop influenced. The album for smoky evenings and special listening.

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Minoru Hoodoo Fushimi – In Praise Of Mitochondria 2xLP [Left Ear]

krossfingers-records-september-2017-Minoru Hoodoo Fushimi-01

Australian magicians from Left Ear keep releasing ultra hard to find (and also ultra priced on Discogs) music. This time it’s a compilation of Japanese master of synth funk Minoru Fushimi. Music for a feel-good parties, almost all tracks are DJ-friendly. Funk, electro and hip-hop rhythms in a catchy, detailed arrangements. The bass is a key for sure, warm keys and lyrics wth a slight Japanese accent. Chic compilation.

Tambo’s House – Tambo’s House 12″ [Vulcan Venti]

krossfingers-records-september-2017-Tambo’s House-01

The debut record for the artist and the label from Melbourne, Australia (can you feel it from the cranky chic artwork, yeah?). Very curious one. The quote from Discogs description of the project: “Tambo’s House is a safe haven for two friends to create and explore; from tribal rhythms to eastern melody’s, this is their interpretation of a dance floor at its best”. Minimal but funky deep house with very well-placed cool vocal hooks in Jhe Gu Jye. Electro with tribal drums and little sound details in Ricochet just move you right. The B-side is a bit darker, but with a perfect groove. Shake baby shake.

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Die Orangen – Zest 2xLP [Malka Tuti]

krossfingers-records-september-2017-Die Orangen-01

Dream team of Kris Baha and Dreems have their debut album as Die Orangen. It’s a long journey into al sorts of sound. The feeling is euphoric. Relaxed drums and the background sounds creates an atmosphere of a trip in some distant lands. The duo combined the exoticness of Multi Culti and industrial rhythms of Power Station. Experimental dance masterpiece with a lot of curious details.

Words Sasha Tessio.
Illustrations Turbo Mamba

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