The best records of September 2015


Joel Graham – Geomancy 12″ [Music From Memory]
Why: first killer 12” of super obscure stuff on Our fave Holland reissue label
Main ingredients: – hypnotic stardust of San Francisco nights back in 80s – heroic motives of rough penetrating proto techno – ventriloquize doll that knows how to speak the language of early Balearic, New Age and ambient


TMO – Insomniac EP 12″ [Public Possession]
Why: we witness a birth of supernova in Public Possession galaxy of future dance music
Main ingredients of “Melodic Jam”:
– electric blood
– minimalistic basic drum patterns
– naive retro-futuristic chords
– rough massive bass
– space landscape
– young power and confidence
Main ingredients of “Jam IV”:
– machine sex, pure and slow
– acid


Jonathan Kusuma – Underpass 12″ [Love On The Rocks]
Why: Kusuma has a talent to get into our record bags and to stay there forever
Main ingredients:
– psychedelic trance lines drive you crazy
– another injection of drug called “90s influence” into your bloodstream, feels like an oasis for the stranger in the desert
– pristine energy, and Jonathan is one of few who can turn it into an enchanting dance form


Dimitris Petsetakis – Endless LP [Into The Light]
Why: your kids will be discouraged if they will not found it this gem in your collection, which matured on the Aegean coast
Main ingredients:
– Greek grandiosity
– multi-instrumentalism skillfully maneuvering among the storms and calms like an Argo
– ingenuity


Obalski – Akkording To Obalski 12″ [Public Possession]
Why: mr Obalski usually says “quality over quantity”
Main ingredients:
– field recording of quiet German nights
– light futuristic construction
– bouncing-like-tennis-ball beat
– scratchy noises
– cinematic monologues

Ami Shavit – In Alpha Mood LP [Finders Keepers]
Why: it’s a hidden treasure
Main ingredients:
– synthetic landscape of deep warm night, wind, darkness and far lights
– pulsation that dips you into trance
– ancient serpentine melody
– spontaneity and freedom


Alexis Le Fan – Full Moon Edits Vol 1 12″ [Les Edits Du Golem]
Why: such gunfire after 3 years long silence of this label
Main ingredients:
– lots of percussions calling you to chaotic body moves
– Alexis’ talent turn water into wine
– all three edits are top
– hint of meditative jazz in last track


The Unknown Cases – Masimbabele 12″ [(Emotional) Especial]
Why: cause we love both remixers of the precious
original – Justin and Durian Brothers
Main ingredients:
– militant groove flavouring from Dusseldorf
– magnet attracting real DJs
– rich processing from NYC
– time continuum enclosing Masimbabele forever


Karamika – Karamika 2xLP [ESP Institute]
Why: just imagine collaboration between Gordon Pohl and Black Merlin
Main ingredients:
– whole galaxy is hidden in this 2xLP
– deep space darkness
– synthetic exotica
– heavy industrial beat


Beard In Dust – BAH25 12″ [Bahnsteig 23]
Why: cause 2015 is year of Lipelis
Main ingredients:
– Soviet melodies you have no idea about
– orgiastic carnaval of passion
– instrument that is hidden deep in Beard’s musical room

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio