The best records of September 2014


Stephane Laporte – Fourrure Sounds LP [Antinote]
French label Antinote still pleasing us with a variety of releases and musical experiments. This time we are amazed by LP of Antinote’s debutant Stephane Laporte. There are vintage French electronics, taste of library soundtracks and space tread – all components of memorable masterpiece. There is a feeling that you explores the future, you see all the twists and turns of civilization, you absorb this deep experience. I can describe the Space Samba track as a sound of the evolution process. I am sure this spacey hallucinational album is a timeless masterpiece that will find its place in the obscure electronics fund.


Papertiger and the Catcammer Orchestra – In The Disko 12″ [Mond Music]
The debut release of Mond Music run by SpAceLex is incredible ! It is a re-release of super obscure disco stimulant called “In The Disco” from 1983. The original sounds absolutely crazy, it turned inside out, topped with electrified synthetics screwed into the skin like a German disco harpoon. The Drum Edit by SpAce Lex is more organic and less industrialised. It’s cranky and the liquefied beat burns your brain It’s a very rapid and great start |


George Theodorakis – The Rules Of The Game 2xLP [Into The Light]
I’m hunting for every release from Into The Light label. The level of confidence to Tako and Pits i os selection abilities is very high. The guys present almost unknown Greek geniuses to music lovers from all over the world. This time we got in our hands a compilation of works of George Theodorakis. It’s a 2xLP release and there are very diverse stuff inside: vocal rock numbers, dark melancholic ambient, organic electronics, echoed dusty drum machines, Tangerine Dream-like patterns and sounds, strange slow synthesi ser tango, and epic 9 minutes long journeys into space. The talent of Theodorakis is huge, the compilation is very sophisticated, The Rules Of The Game is a must-have for every real musical freak.

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio