The best records of October 2016

We continue finding not just the best music around but also new names you should know. Last month there were 15 records we want to mention, and 9 of them are from the debutants. And two of them are our close friends – it’s a special pleasure to welcome boys to Krossfingers universe 😉


Various Artists – Rhythms Of The Pacific Volume 3 12″ [Pacific Rhythm]
One of my fave labels released the next annual mini compilation of local Canadian talents. The first track of debutant Slim Media Player sounds like a perfect soundtrack to some daytime summer festival: dreamy, extensive, percussive, hi-hats showering dancers’ heads like a cold smoke. Perforating light rhythm, synths and simple two-note saxophone trick creating very elegant combination in Pink Hues, Bad News. Breathe of fresh air, break beat patterns and iridescent piano dancing on the flip in the track by Electric Sound Broadcast. Light acid from Khotin closing the 12″. The record with such balanced mix of genres sounds like encyclopedia of contemporary house. [Sasha Tessio]


Luis CL – It’s Getting Better 12″ [Superconscious]
“It’s not called the wheel, it’s called the carousel. It let’s us travel the way a child travels – around and around, and back home again, to a place where we know are loved” – Don Draper finishing his heart-breaking monologue with last chords of Luis CL’s “It’s Getting Better”. There are twinkling images on the screen: friends riding in shopping carts, drinking beers through chute, swimming naked in the pool and dancing in the smoke at some Melbourne rave. This classic and not-so-classic house music on Superconscious, dreamy and atmospheric, brings these memories, the phantom nostalgia in me (cause I never had a rave in Melbourne. Yet). And yes it’s really “getting better all the time”, melodic loops on crazy speed turn on some tumblers in my mind. At some point I’m not hearing music but swaying with rhythm. Minimal arrangements, rich textures, memorable melodies and big dancefloor potential. [Sasha Tessio]


Odopt – Sickert Art Bartel 12″ [Born Free]
Found almost zero info after googling the word “odopt”, clothing & shoe stores are not the case. Actually it’s a Moscow-based duo of Grisha Nelyubin and Ivan Maslov, who already had a common musical project – Jackethat. Grisha is also part of Denis Simachev Shop&Bar team, well educated, talented man passionate in music. It’s he invited Samo DJ, Born Free co-owner, to play in Moscow. The record contains three experimental techno novels, it’s hard to choose favourite actually. Sickert Art Bartel is a true avalanche, tested on the dancefloor. Sort of harsh noise techno punk, shifting during track, mutating and fire-spitting. Chaba Waltz creates feeling of battle song of post-apocalyptic robots. Horrungruang is a mechanical techno tomahawk bursts into your heart like Black Raven into deep night. Guys, it’s a win! [Artem Super Ikra]


Konakov – EP1 12″ [Konakov]
Remember I had some prejudice before our first conversation with Bohdan. But everything comes into natural balance sooner or later. I looked closer and became friends with this kind, original, thoughtful musician with glowing eyes during organising some events in spring’15. Since then Jackmaster included Bohdan’s track in his DJ-Kicks, man grabbed alot of attention with his live and DJ sets as Konakov on legendary Kiev raves called CXEMA and first appearances abroad. And now finally we can cheer him about his first 12″ on his own KONAKOV label. Bohdan put 3 cuts on the first part of trilogy. The first, Cat Song, is a true meowing house banger. I Have No Time To Sleep is a main weapon on the 12″, crispy taut techno-string, painted in tones of sunrise and ready for a long distance. The last one is Chinatown – colourful geisha house fragrant like a magnolia. Can’t wait for more from Bohdan! [Artem Super Ikra]


DJ Normal 4 – Vivid EP 12″ [Klasse Wrecks]
I entered Phonica two weeks ago looking for instore session from Michal Turtle. He was not there yet, the show should be started in an hour. And I heard the record playing on quite high volume. First idea was it’s a grime. Brutal, fast and funky. The second idea was it’s a breakbeat actually. With dark keys reminding me of Neil Landstrumm. There were so much energy that I thought about stuff I prepared to play in Jaguar Shoes later that night: “*uck what I’m playing, here is the real dance music, I want to hear such kind of music on the dance floor now!”. I immediately asked the guy behind the deck and bought the record right after it. It was Vivid EP by Tim Schumacher aka DJ Normal 4. Classic breakbeat “Cult Of Alecto” as a perfect peak time injection crushes heavy digital waves on the dancefloor. Retro futuristic melody shines like Northern Lights in the “Purity 0%”. And btw you can play “N4 Theme” even at Brilliant Corners as some cool digital Oriental electro gem dug from nowhere. [Sasha Tessio]


Tolouse Low Trax – Decade Vol.I 12″ [Antinote]
Antinote launched trilogy of Detlef’s works and the first part of it contains five firm “walking” Low Trax’ audio tranquilizers. Everything is slow, with no compromise, monotonous but rich and revolutionary. My fave Studies In Drama is developing like a good book, sounds are mounting on the main line like meat on a skewer. Perverse disturbing female sighs appearing, male vocals muttering from the distant phone booth. Mechanical percussions ringing here and there. And everything is grinding in a hard-bitten rhythm attracting underground youngsters and posh models. Make Friends sounds like Enter the Void soundtrack, drops of morning dew are falling on huge red-hot millstones. Master continues to win the hearts, coming up with ever more sophisticated ways to extract the subtle emotions and sentimental experiences from rough iron machines. [Artem Super Ikra]


The Pilotwings – Les Portes Du Brionnais 2xLP [Brothers From Different Mothers]
There were something in the air about boys’ upcoming album, something big, strained and exciting. And voila – you enter any record shop around you and you can see the big 11 track album with this smart cool stylized cover. It sounds like a mix with all logical parts: there are debut, evolution and the final. Starts from Les Portes Du Brionnais – pinch of dub, reggae echoes, slo-mo house with bright piano. Then the active part starts with Alladinde, tender subtle tribal house with cool drum breaks and shimmering synths constellations. Guillaume and Louis experimenting with synth pop, light breakbeat, Japanese ambient passages, new wave, trance and Chicago house. You can also feel the French blood, rich musical background and interest in the past. For example Debeurdinoir echoes with Black Devil Disco Club. The album is a very strong, sustained, meaningful work. I call it Crystal Tropics. Mes compliments, friends 😉 [Artem Super Ikra]


Croatian Amor – Love Means Taking Action LP [Posh Isolation]
We saw this record appearing everywhere during last 2-3 months. But why? First of all because influential label Posh Isolation grabbing attention of experimental music fans year after year. And Croatian Amor aka Loke Sebastian Kruse Rahbek is a co-owner of this outlandish Danish imprint. His Discogs page contains more the 20 aliases and projects. Maybe the best description for the Love Means Taking Action LP is “ritual love ambient compositions”. Soft, refined drone structures are following deep female vocals weaving pattern of tender romantic memories and love affairs. Skillful, melodic, softcore erotic confession. [Artem Super Ikra]


Carla Dal Forno – You Know What It’s Like LP [Blackest Ever Black]
Discogs tells us Carla is a singer, song-writer and multi-instrumentalist born in Australia. She played in projects like Tarcar, F ingers and Mole House. Now she’s part of Blackest Ever Black family, Carla making erudite radioshows under its flag. Dal Forno is like from different era, her image is surrounded with enigmatic haze. And this autumn she spreaded her wings fully on the debut album. The word describing it is depth. The depth of neglect, detachment and abstraction. Postpunk diva creating frozen compositions covered with ice. It’s a pop music you should listen to. Outsider pop mixed with psych folk creating dark and strange paintings of apocalyptic minimal wave. [Artem Super Ikra]


Eye – Sabine LP [Knekelhuis]
Who’s behind the Eye moniker? Who’s creating these harmonic, crisp and delicious songs-messages? It’s a girl and her name is Laurène Exposito. She’s curating Waving Hands Records since 2014 releasing minimal synth of the highest probe. I remember her records under Micro Cheval moniker and Prisma project with Jean Primault. The album starts from powerful There Is synth-mantra. Then horizons are expanding (or exposing because of track’s name – Undress) – it’s a rich proto-techno silver blade of any dancefloor. The biggest critics have no questions after You’re So Fine – it’s a deep personal musical confession, romantic letter opened furtively. It reminds me of George Sand. Then Eye continue with a series of clean coldwave songs. Perfect album. [Artem Super Ikra]


IXVLF – Involuntary Movement 12″ [Unknown Precept]
Connor Classen aka IXVLF is an American producer and this 12″ is his second release on Unknown Precept, he had mini album on a cassette earlier this year there. IXVLF has rich saturated analogue sound. Never Coming is a sort of reinterpretation of post-acid, invisible cyborg is reading something sinking in endless stream of cosmic spheres. Inhabitant is a perfect example of minimal industrial, it is pouring so tight and it sounds so good on a big sound. Cords is a variation of rhythm-noise fighting on neon swords with electro. Listen this record on good soundsystem in basement or warehouse. Rave will never die! [Artem Super Ikra]


Don’t DJ – Musique Acephale 2xLP [Berceuse Heroique]
Roots of Florian Meyer aka Don’t DJ music are in influental talent fabric and forge of modern percussion nuggets – Salon Des Amateurs and the city Dusseldorf itself. He just released debut album of tribal experiments on impressive Berceuse Heroique. For me there are two parts in it – contemplation and action. Disparata 69, Polyamory, Highbreeds, Fall and The Grey Shrine are from the first part, quite slow, meditative, library-like. Its aesthetics has something similar to Red Desert or Zabriskie Point. Others are faster, more focused, techno-oriented. My faves are Pornoire and Polyamory – two percussion marathoners showing understanding of scale, creativity and measure. [Artem Super Ikra]


Various Artists – Chapter 3: Lena Willikens Remixes 12″ [Huntleys + Palmers]
It’s a third part of compilations on H+P, this time it’s a doublet from Winchester Model 21 from inimitable Lena Willikens. There is a remix on Oklo Gabon (called after natural nuclear reactor) where Lena created large-scale dark musical diversion. It is balancing on the edge between power electronics and EBM. On the flip there is remix on Hermione Frank’s track called Ministry of Silly Talks. But we didn’t find any silliness there, it’s full of joy from synthetic repetitions affecting all senses and aristocratic dusk. Play it on Halloween party with no doubts! [Artem Super Ikra]


Dmitry Distant – Lucifer & Lust 12″ [Electronic Emergencies]
Dmitri’s mini album is maybe the best dark romantics record of October. Effective, tearing compositions evoked from some old Italian horror movie. I was impressed with sincerity of its sound. It’s not a clon or cliche, there is no copy-paste approach to melody. True fresh live blood. Number one for me is Caste Di Leva – gothic electro painting. [Artem Super Ikra]


Hysteric – Summer In Cairo 12″ [Fuego International]
Tireless obscure disco digger George starts story of Fuego International label with his exotic 12″. I’m impressed with stability in Hysteric edits, he has a lot of releases but he doesn’t make nonsense. There are four re-edits on this record reminding me a chess game. On one side – night session vibes (Summer In Cairo and Discotheek De Marathon), ultimate minimal Italo cuts. I can call it almost a toy, dreamlike. On the other side – morning session vibes (Pescara Beach and Sounthend Pier). Dance is over, imposing relaxation, cushioned loungers, a pleasant sound of the ocean. [Artem Super Ikra]

Words Artem Super Ikra, Sasha Tessio
Illustrations Sasha Tessio