The best records of October 2015


Syracuse – Liquid Silver Dream LP [Antinote]
Why: it’s a modern classic
Main ingredients:
– endless patterns of acid grooves
– sensuality and elasticity of synthesizers
– passionate Isabel’s vocals, able to awaken ife even stone guys from Easter island


The Pilotwings – Molitor 71 12″ [Brothers From Different Mothers]
Why: it’s full of surprises
Main ingredients:
– amazing tropical groove
– outstanding 5D percussions
– well-designed mixture of house and sometimes jungle


Leo James – You’re Not A Machine 12″ [Body Language]
Why: it’s an interesting incarnation of electro-synth
Main ingredients:
– Ron Fraser artwork
– it is soaked with electrical and industrial sounds exciting imagination
– multiple orgasm of synths in my fave second part


Simple Symmetry – Near East Confusion 12″ [Low Budget Family]
Why: we already tested it on a beach and in cozy bar – the result was impressive
Main ingredients:
– unforgettable feeling of space and airiness
– firm flirt with East
– powerful drums


Red Axes – Shem Vol.2 12″ [I’m A Cliche]
Why: guys are very fruitful this year, but the quality is stable. Sweet John Gang killed me
Main ingredients:
– raging orange glow
– absolutely reckless unique style
– it’s experimental and action-packed


Sordid Sound System – In A Year Of 13 Moons ΕΡ 12″ [Invisible Inc]
Why: it’s a druggy desert ride
Main ingredients:
– electrified atmosphere
– the horizon upside down
– dirty heavy beat


Michal Turtle – Are You Psychic? / Astral Decoy 12″ [Music From Memory]
Why: it will be a revelation for many of you
Main ingredients:
– perfect electric guitar, deep fire-spitting bass
– confidential vocals of Tim Flitcroft
– unearthly control of xylophone

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio

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