The best records of October 2014


Henry Gilles – Collected Works Part O112″ [Public Possession]
For me Munich became a world capital of nonstandard musical minds today. Another Bavarian unknown hero got out from the shadow: Henry Gilles is almost newcomer, Collected Works Part O1 is his second output. But the record is mature, I need to admit. The name of Gilles is the biggest thing remember from Public Possession RA mix: | was amazed by the power of his music, by its imposing confidence. The highest point of the record is Exploring, A2 track, it reminds me Lee Douglas’ DJ-set in Klev this year: its euphoric feeling, tribal groove with some Asian flavours (maybe Lee played the promo, hehe). The key thing for me in this 12″ is the combination of 90s synth harmonies with modern catchy beat structure. And also want to say: only Marvin and Valentino can create record artwork with such asymmetrical emplacement of graphic elements in our time of perfect design 🙂


Bastedos / Last Waltz / AM – Sit On This 12” [Bastedos]
Lost from 2011 spacey No Smoking On The Moon (AM edit) is finally released on vinyl. The first time heard this thing I was totally unconscious and in full satisfaction from the Strichka festival, CA Ramirez should play it there. This song has become something of a national anthem of the event for me, it is deeply etched in my memory with its ecstasy vocals and fabulous disco sound. Nostalgia is impeccably breathing from it, you know it even if it is not heard at all. By the way there is another my favorite on this 12″ – Sit on This, it’s confident and tuned for the peak of the party. There are brazen perky female voice, guitar explosions and arrows of insidious piano ascends you to the eighth sky. The song Magicke is managed by saxophone like blade, there are alarming and intriguing voices, bubbling beat. This pearlescent, iridescent, chameleon-like edit-sketch has all chances to become the perfect entry for the best parties around the world. As a result, Bastedos is on the level incomparable to anything else in the era of edit garbage. They did it, bravo!


Bufiman – Running EP 12″ [Versatile]
Tornado release from Dusseldorf-based Bufiman conquered the listeners love even before the official release. Running is a crazy clavinet attack based on a powerful disco beat, it’s super drive! There is shamanic musical diversion behind the Kalvier track, it’s a deftly synthesized instruction for calling spirits from the mysterious forest. Jan has built a wigwam percussion in assertive, mystical, serpentine Bonobobeat, which ends in a triumphant march of Versatile 12″. Outstanding, multifaceted, constantly improving monstrously musical plastic Jan Schulte is still building his monumental kingdom of sound. This record is the best proof.

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio

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