The best records of November 2017

We say bye to the warm times of 2017 with best picks on Mood Hut, Waving Hands, Butter Sessions, Muscut, Cocktail D’Amore, Eine Welt and Diagonal.

Pender Street Steppers – Raining Again 12″ [Mood Hut]


And they are back! After a long break, Canadian duo released one of their finest piece of music. Warm disco drums, creepy synths and the bass open this record with a charm, the guitar solo later confirms this 12″ is really special. Strange warm, almost Balearic feeling is inside of it. All five tracks are original, different style. Dub in both dark and light tones, proto Italian house, slow disco. Filled with airy keys, funny back vocals, relaxed feeling and sort of vague nostalgia. It’s a long-awaited record!

Night Sticks – Afraid To Cry 7″ [Waving Hands]

7 night sticks-01

Our fave French minimal synth label Waving Hands pleased us with precious 7″ of obscure Swedish duo Night Sticks. The feeling is so authentic. It opens with some conversation on the telephone turning into music of life made on synth and drum machine. The twists of melody hypnotising and heart wrenching. Something more muscular is on the flipside. Coldwave with crazy vocals, it’s a dance with closed eyes.

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Sleep D – Red Rock 12″ [Butter Sessions]

2 sleep d-01

First of all please check brilliant feature about the boys on RA. Sleep D, the duo of Corey Kikos and Maryos Syawish, released one of our fave EPs this month. Straight from the first track, Red Rock (IV mix), it captivated our attention. Slow building panorama view of the imaginary Australian night is driven by the epic beat and brightened by the stars far in the sky. Stumbling Bunyip Beat finds its way between invisible hills and sleeping kangaroos, then it twists you in an endless headless move. And finally, Sandman follows you through the line to some big festival to its crowded dancefloor. Euphoric marathon release.

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Chillera – Schax 7″ [Muscut]

1 chillera-01

The eighth record of the Ukrainian label Muscut bursts into consciousness like a psychedelic van which is flying at all pairs, leaving behind a sultry cloud. Meet the Chillera – new girl-band from Odessa. Three young witches mixed together the berries of surf rock, dub-rhythms ripened on the southern soil and greens of funky ornaments. It sounds juicy, naturalistic, relaxed and, most importantly, fresh. Heady maiden trio plays bluntly, from the heart, unexpurgated spicy dub music without a single synthesizer, only a duo of bass and electric guitars in a company with percussion. The very title of the headline track – SCHAX, sounds simultaneously as a spell and as an order. SCHAX – and you bud something went to the Californian beach in the late 60’s, SCHAX – and tailwind carried you by canoe to the harbor of Kawaiha in the first half of the 80’s, SCHAX – and you dive into the sparkling Black Sea sand. The composition of the gang also stupefies the imagination: Ganna Brizhata, known of her solo project Bryozone and collabs with Vakula and Indirect, Polina Matskevich, working in the field of experimental electronics under the moniker p.m. And a real girl-vamp in the style of technopunk, Ira Lupu. Take care of your hearts, for they will be melted inevitably!

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Kris Baha – Autora 12″ [Cocktail D’Amore]

5 kris baha-01

Serious business here: super talented Kris Baha is just unstoppable! Some very familiar samples opens the record mixing with some twisted sound structures. Industrialized house with shadows and smoke. The things slow down in Brink Reality with some light in the end of the tunnel. Finally everything stops in Happiness Disaster transporting us into 80s horror movie very skilfully. The B-side is a straight dance with some nostalgic vibe here and there. The music of Kris is really a power station.

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Various Artists – Eine Welt Vol 2 12″ [Eine Welt]

6 eine welt-01

German label Eine Welt has a special place in a renaissanse of German proto electronic and NDW. Great compilation, no weak tracks here. Analogue bright sound, biting Teutonic rhythm. All names are new to my ear. The palette of electronic is so diverse: from synthwave to experimental, new beat and techno. My fave is Держи Мою Руку by Konsistent featuring MZ.

Not Waving – Good Luck LP [Diagonal]

8 not wacing-01

It’s a second album of Alessio Natalizia aka Not Waving on Powell’s Diagonal imprint and it beats the shit out of us again! The motoric heart drives this double LP into far lands of curious dance. This music is experimental in the best meaning of this word. Fucked up samples, vocals singing nonsense, guitars, unexpected pauses placed perfectly to get the maximum effect. Noise and industrial, techno and rock, banging synths songs. The monster album.

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Words Artem Ikra (4, 6), Sasha Tessio (1, 2, 3, 5, 7).
Illustrations Turbo Mamba