The best records of November 2016

So what’s inside the last monthly top of 2016: super strong singles on Kitjen and Antinote, first record from Cos/Mes boys in three years, craziness compiled by Ziggy Devriendt, techno from Russia, new record on Mond Musik sub-label and more.


Various Artists – An Introduction Into The Insane World Of Alaine Neffe LP [Stroom]
Alain Neffe, unique character of Belgian minimal wave scene, was raised among anguish and dirt of industrial suburbs near Charleroi. The boss of experimental label Insane Music released more than 50 casettes between 1983 and 2016. The list of projects Alaine was involved is also quite big. The loudest one was Bene Gesserit, duo of Neffe himself and his wife Nadine Bal. Ziggy Devriendt from Stroom compiled delicious spectrum of Alaine talent included projects like Cortex, Human Flesh, Subject, Pseudo Code. You can hear Neffe’s synthesiser everywhere, his experiments with noises, percussions and spoken words. The comp is recommended for both begginers and fans of the genre. [Artem Super Ikra]


Indirect meets Nikolaenko – Ode To The Sea LP [Muscut]
Ukrainian label ‘Muscut’ releases its third record this year, the previous records were 7 inches by Pavel Milyakov aka Buttechno and LP by Andrew Pekler. The album called ‘Ode To The Sea’ will become the 6th release of the label. It was created with participation of most active underground representatives from Kiev and Odessa. The lion’s share of release material was created by the Indirect project and the label boss Dmytro Nikolaenko. Songs ‘Miracle’ and ‘Red Tent’ are recorded featuring Ann Bryozone, and in the ‘Danish Night’percussion is performed by Danish experimental musician Mads Emil Nielsen. ‘Ode To The Sea’ represents a result of program cooperation and ode to Soviet musical heritage with its jazz experiments, great space-age canvases, unique massive of library music and sentimental soundtracks. Deep respect to traditions and their reinterpretation took their shape in bits of dub and krautrock, jazz fusion waves, extensional sound textures and hypnotizing lo-fi vocal messages. Minding the traditions, the musicians succeeded to deliver the mood of an ancient mystery. It sounds like a psychedelical soundtrack to the movie that never existed. Just imagine listening to a Soviet jazz band being on ecstasy and you’ll get it. [Artem Super Ikra]


Fantastic Man – Galactic Ecstasy 12″ [Kitjen]
Stuttgart-based label continue to release music from our favourite producers and this EP is maybe the best till date. Fantastic Man armed with synthesisers, love to early 90s rave records and just pair of classic tropical samples (“jungle insect”-like noise loop and “paradise bird” sound from the second track) created hypnotic magic. Feeling in Acid Martin is the closest to deep trance idea (do you remember Kamasutra track from Try To Find Me mix on Golf Channel?), when you don’t want this track to end and be mixed into something else in a DJ set. Progressive house, breakbeat elements, cold synths, inter-galactic spaceship with the Earth in porthole, acid basslines – all these ingridients are mixed perfectly on the 12″ in a killer package by Manuel Borger. [Sasha Tessio]


Various Artists – Eine Welt Vol.1 LP [Eine Welt]
Spacelex launched Eine Welt, sublabel of Mond Musik. While the main label is releasing wild, rare German electronics from 80s, the new sub-label will become a mirror for modern contemporary European electronic scene, a haven for newcomers and undiscovered talents. The common thing for tracks from Vol.1 is cold sound, minimalism and peculiar synths. Artists gathered here are remarkable. For example, BBU is Nikolaj Birgens also known as Nixxon. Duo of Eva Geist и Laura ODL (Ondula) is behind As Longitude project. Or Skalka, real name is Cid Hohner, is Arpeggio’s partner in OTTO and Aufgang B. All of them are united by traction to EBM, synth, minimal, updated playable new beat sound. [Artem Super Ikra]


Samo DJ & 5ive – Some Song Teachers 12″ [Public Possession]
It’s a first record from 5ive (one half of Cos/Mes) in three years. And what a come back! His collaboration with stalwart Samo DJ puts Public Possession back in our tops since January. Both tracks bring positive energy, young sincerity and some cool tricks like breath on the background or rhythm deformation into rave in the second track. This single is a logical sequel in the Public Possession saga of well-constructed tracks with minimal arrangements, clear melody line and dance purpose (just remember classics like Matthew Brown’s Old Melody, Bell Towers’ Hyper-Realised-Self or Lipelis‘ Melodic Jam). [Sasha Tessio]


Consumer Watchdawgz – BSR 010 12″ [Butter Sessions]
It’s a 10th record on Butter Sessions and guys are doing pretty well – analogue sounds packaged with fun, really good roster of local Australian artists headed by Sleep D, it’s why we always keep eye on them. This time record comes from mystic Consumer Watchdawgz artist/duo and it’s all about the A-side. Cosmic techno is the term. Classic 808 rhythm peppered with space dust, glaring stars and clumsy metal rockets scraping you with its tails. It’s a race in zero gravity and the finish is still far away. [Sasha Tessio]


Geena’s Peace Love Earth – Mental DJ’s Land Vol 2 12″ [Antinote]
Fresh and juicy on Antinote! Geena is back in town, this time storming our brains with retrofuturistic lysergic waves. Classic marching drum machines, happy feelings cursorial inside your body, new age pads, synthetic bird sounds and trippy melodies. It’s Geena’s fifth record on our beloved French label and this 12″ sounds more powerful and young as ever. [Sasha Tessio]


Obgon – Overtake 12″ [PG Tune]
Philip Gorbachev launched his own label with a solo 12″ and now he released EP from Andrey Lee aka Obgon, Incompetence label co-owner and half of Interchain duo. I always found the one special detail in Andrey’s solo tracks, muscle car detail, which helps to win the race after last turn. Same here. My fave is Dust – seems like usual techno track. But in the second half of it the atmosphere thickens so tight that you feel yourself in the cockpit of a huge transformer destroying everything around. Print On Your Face is also interesting, it seems like you are riding on flaming Kawasaki or Honda. You can feel even the smell of fresh tires in the air. [Artem Super Ikra]


Maoupa Mazzocchetti – Glow In The Dark 12″ [Knekelhuis]
Florent Mazzocchetti continues his vigorous, rough and industrial move forward. One more record on Knekelhuis this time and Maoupa invents new tricks again. Sophisticated electro plays baseball with minimal synth, while industrial with EBM are waiting for opening of new bar called Experimental Hardwave. It’s like notes from a trip written in underground where the party, rehearsals and life are inseparable. [Artem Super Ikra]


Air Cushion Finish – Flink 2xLP [Lullabies For Insomniacs]
Izabel keeps building her own musical universe full of wild, mysterious, pagan musical rituals. This time she released Air Cushion Finish who are making music since 2008 experimenting with neo folk, krautrock, ambient and of course leftfield. There are eclectic, shaman craziness growing into mystical ecstasy on this 2xLP. Hypnotic chants, whisperings, screams soaked into lot of filters and electronica. Under virtuoso guitar rhythms. It’s a really magical musical realism nurtured in the Insomnia cradle. [Artem Super Ikra]


Lvrin – Lvrin 12″ [Pinkman Broken Dreams]
News from Bryansk nugget Lvrin! There is a full EP on Pinkman right after the release on In The Dark Again, gigs in Moscow and Petersburg, feature on Mixmag and podcast for Digital Tsunami. My fave track here is Jumper, where the central whistling, spitting out sound is rushing among acid and darkwave creeper. It’s like you are falling on the ice boulders of Antarctica. Deep underwater dark synth race on techno boards. [Artem Super Ikra]


Air Lqd – Remain Neutral 12″ [Unknown Precept]
We keep following Unknown Precept label. And one more surprise this time. These 5 rhythmical, dirty, techno-oriented, brutal tracks created from flesh and blood by Air Lqd. He released 7″ on Perfekt Funktion Ltd back in 2015, the pricing on Discogs starts from 50 Euros. He also had cassette release with ritual ambient and drone on Okvlt in 2016. Current 12″ is endless experiment with mutated beats, industrial sounds, exfoliating vocals. Interesting work, sort of rhythmical harshbeat. [Artem Super Ikra]

Words Artem Super Ikra, Sasha Tessio
Illustrations Sasha Tessio

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