The best records of November 2015


Sombrero Galaxy – The Edge Of Space 12″ [Second Circle]
Why: it’s a long awaited return of Nash & Tako project. And it’s epic
Main ingredients:
– hypnotic rhythm, graceful and massive at the same time
– star dust
– shimmering electronics
– strange dance of planets


Powder – Highly 12″ [ESP Institute]
Why: it will make you more sophisticated
Main ingredients:
– sustained infusion of tropical leaves
– Powder famously flirting with elegant beats throughout the whole release
– tons of bright tonic sounds


Ian Blevins – Hannibal 12″ [ESP Institute]
Why: it could become the anthem of Banton city from Interstate 60
Main ingredients:
– fascinating bass lines
– the starry sky above
– glittering trance, which seeps through the house groove.


Aufgang B – B-Ware EP 12″ [Neubau]
Why: it’s a union of brutal slow-mo electro and inside-out techno sound
Main ingredients:
– filigree bass like jumped out from the Cenobite’s pleasure box
– constructive nihilism cleverly screwed by master Detlef
– raw and unbridled Demo 3 impregnated with a revolutionary groove


Napoleon Cherry – Walk Alone LP [Music From Memory]
Why: because it is an excellent representative of appetizing analog funk
Main ingredients:
– soft and melodic synth drifts are around the whole record
– velvet guitar
– soulful trampolining
– the feeling of weightlessness and entering the territory of electro blues


Andrew Claristidge – Danser Ou Mourir LP [WYN&M]
Why: it’s a debut LP from Los Massieras and Acid Washed member
Main ingredients:
– mysterious atmosphere of The Fall of the House of Usher
– noir synthesizers
– Bohemian and gothic motifs
– it envelops you like a shroud
– lethal ounce of techno


Villa Abo – Sibilant 12″ [Noise In My Head]
Why: it’s Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
Main ingredients:
– countless attacks of militant drum machine
– powerful columns of groove
– industrial uncompromising fighter Warming Up Signal
– exciting acid patterns


The Keeper – Golden Round Circus 7″ [Universal Cave]
Why: because if I had a yacht, the tracks on this release would turn into the ditches with water due to frequent use.
Main ingredients:
– emotional embrace of true masculine soft rock
– mandatory brotherly tears
– magnet located in Golden Round Circus vocals
– a genuine Swedish quality


Baptiste & Pierre Colleu – Virage 12″ [Is It Balearic?]
Why: it’s phantom nostalgia about perfect summer of love
Main ingredients:
– carefree mood with scent of 80s
– gentle and friendly chords like a well-water
– soaring tropical spirit
– dreamy and wide open soul, ready for naked dance


Jimi Bazzooka – Edits Vol.3 [Crowdspacer]
Why: it’s a vinyl version of the game called Jumanji
Main ingredients:
– sensual dance on hot coals
– a chance to find its own totemic animal
– a burning torch of Afro into the open jaws of tropical disco


Die Verboten – 2007 [Deewee]
Why: cause Soulwax guys recorded Krautrock disco album with Riton back in 2007
Main ingredients:
– stretching into the distance kraut-comets
– the best traditions of German minimalism
– pristine crystals of electronics
– life-giving lagoons


Auntie Flo – Theory Of Flo 2xLP [Huntleys & Palmers]
Why: cause it sounds like a crazy spiritualistic session
Main ingredients:
– otherworldly vocals of Anbuley
– Inimitable drums and percussion
– firm South American and African spices
– so many musicians were involved
– various kinds of expanders of consciousness, literally encoded in each composition.


No Zu – Hi Gloss 12″ [Cutters]
Why: it’s a real Australian madness
Main ingredients:
– exciting boogie component
– glamorous guitars and luxury percussions
– saxophone uppercuts
– irresistible funky psychedelic madness

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio