The best records of November 2013


Spike — Orange Cloud Nine LP [Golf Channel Recordings]
We heard 4 tracks from this record in Phil South‘s mix on Resident Advisor from 2010. We, the whole world and especially Phil were waiting for it on wax for more then three years. And finally we have it in our hands: collection of pure gold tunes from forgotten Dutch guitarist-genius Spike full of deep smoke, melancholic mood, simple “guitar, voice, drum machine” structure. Thank you Spike & Phil, you did it!


Todd Terje – Spiral / Q 12″ [Olsen]
Todd Terje still brings the beauty in this imperfect world. This music has power, moment of ecstasy and some bit of drama. It’s a modern classic from Norwegian genius, you can hear Todd’s fingerprints on evry sound from this lovely vinyl. The record artwork is gorgeous too, the man behind visual side of Olsen imprint Bendik Kaltenborn did fantastic work as always!


33-10-3402 — Mecanica 12” [ESP Institute]
Debut release from 33-10-3402 opened cult Dusseldorf-based label Kunstkopf. Every underground European DJ already have it or looking for a copy. A year passed and now time had come for the second record from this mysterious project. Mecanica is a long narcotic trip through the dark grooves, broken voices, and very interesting sound structures. keep your ears on this guy. He’s a serious composer (you will agree if you also heard 18-minutes long snippet from 33-10-3402 liveshow on Soundcloud)


Jonny Nash — Snaker 004 LP [Snaker]
Japanese label Snaker did a lot of noise this year. Every release was a boom. Number 004 is very special: it’s the first record of original music (not sample-based like Cos/Mes or Ikeda X) and the first solo work of Jonny Nash. Some tracks are too short. Some are unfinished. Some is very Land Of Light’ish. But all have the right spirit. Jonny’s guitar is gorgeous. I love it in euphoric Platonic Love, sadly it ends too early.

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio