The best records of May 2016

Boys and girls, we feeling refreshed and inspired after Europe and it’s cool to back to blog routine 🙂 So here’s our tips for your record shopping. P.S. Can’t wait (the same as you do) to check scanned films from the trip, so report coming in the next few days!


Leo James – Salvation 12″ [Body Language]
Leo James became a resident in our monthly tops. He continues series of laconic house dancefloor monsters on his own Body Language label. Every time in two parts as yin and yang. You can imagine it as muscle car, in first part it starts and languidly rolls from shiny garage, glaring on sun. And then, in the second part, it rushes on highway to eternity. Want to admit Leo’s style, you can feel it in every Body Language release. Top recommends!


Lizards – NAAR 003 12″ [Not An Animal]
Remarkably it’s a third killer 12″ on NAN in a row that steals our heart. It’s rare when record label maintatins its reputation and doesn’t stop. Both original tracks from Lizards are perfect for extreme leisure. The first one, Tanni, dictating its imperial and domineering groove right from the start. It’s a barely hearable percussion and sounds of double bass gets total control. I can compare it to Hera goddess or with discipline and code of honour of samurai. Ambitious powerful track leading you to sundown. I can easily imagine Chida or Man Power handling orchestra playing Tanni. But my favorite is International Track where I surprisingly admitted atmosphere of Earth Song by Michael Jackson. I feel the massive beat growing from under the ground. In the middle of the track balearic vibrations and leaping birds turning it into the dance of Earth.


High Wolf vs The Durian Brothers – Split EP 12″ [Diskant]
The Durian Brothers & High Wolf (also known as Black Zone Myth Chant from France) appeared on one record and it attracts attention of hunters for sophisticated musical experiments. Both compositions from Brothers are conceptual, thoughtful, like a chess game, victoriously and unquestioningly lead you into a trance. Samples of creaking doors, variability of the script, hypnotic, feeling of full presence. High Wolf’s tracks shine with plot boldness, complexity and ornateness of sound combinations, twisted percussions. The whole EP has its tone where the dub mixed with kraut create techno. Very honest record, there is no weak place in it.


CAIN – Bakhtin 12″ [Highlife Edits]
Return of CAIN to Highlife coast is more than imposing. He found again untrivial way to create edits. Africa and Asia sound not vulgar but stylish, modern and technological. Powerful tribal dazzles with heartfelt vocals. Juicy and firm 3D bass line amaze. Ethnic notes are break out with a dozen of wild mustangs.


Art Crime – Still Life 12″ [Pinkman]
Isn’t it time to rename Pinkman to, at least, Burning Man? Marsman gathered so bright and original artists under his wing. Art Crime creating apocalyptic music. He deserved to be named as composer. What is his music – modern classic on the wreckage of civilization? Is it techno score for the ballet in La Scala? There is a red line between Dead Carnation to Hectic telling grand tragedy of unbelievable power. And there is no place for vulgarity and pathos there. This music is from heroic era, where purity and quality are fundamental sensations. Still life is a poem in four parts.


Hotel Lauer – Lauer & Lauer 12″ [(Emotional) Especial]
Lauer brothers can’t write boring stuff. Current EP is a combination of house with acid parts, eternally beautiful pianos and quite expected vocal cuts that spin your internal engine. It gives you moments of joy, you are happy, everything is beautiful around. Euphoric goddess creating serotonin web in you head. Summer of love embraced you with its cozy remembrances. It is Hotel Lauer.


Metropolis – Angstpolitiek 12″ [Broken Dreams]
Marsman released Metropolis on the first edition of Broken Dreams white label series. You can hear authenticity of his sound and its quality from the first notes. Guitar is good on both Drawing Closer and Tonight. This record is an uncompromising mix of striking EBM, acid and electro.


Jonathan Kusuma – Black Magic EP 12″ [Cocktail D’Amore]
Cocktail D’amore is steadily gaining fame of reliable supplier of inescapable homing missiles. Jonathan also never misfire, it’s like Clint Eastwood would play him if Jonathan would live on Wild West 🙂 I can easily dance the whole night with just Urban Sorcery playing on repeat. I feel like on island of Circe and can stay there forever. Don’t know what Ojon’s relative is a real shaman, but there is magic in his last release.


Elon Katz – The Human Pet 12″ [Diagonal]
Extravagant Katz’ release is sort of portal into the future which shakes and changes its form again and again. The focus is on vocals, while other instruments, glitches, breakcore cuts and industrial bits are dancing crazy after it. The flavour changes from post punk to IDM. It is a post-pop music creating its own Alphas and Omegas.

Words Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio

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