The best records of May 2015


Vito Ricci – I Was Crossing A Bridge 2xLP [Music From Memory]
Music From Memory did fantastic job with this release. Should hear the whole story behind it one day, but it should not be easy to compile such rare artist like Vito Ricci from NYC, who released most of his work on cassettes in the mid-80s (plus one LP where from Red Light Records guys took their label’s name). It’s a darker and more experimental side of MFM project. I felt like touching something precious and super delicate while listening to this double-LP. It doesn’t sound like an album made by one artist, it’s very diverse. Eery, melancholic, aggressive, mad. Sometimes it sounds like modern shuffle IDM, sometimes like Art Of Noise, sometimes like Moodymann or timeless ambient piece. But it’s too special to compare, it’s genius.


Docteur Satan — Docteur Satan 12″ [I’m A Cliche]
I think I’m Cliche got a season ticket for a warm place in our tops long time ago. This time we got a Docteur Satan release, new project of Crackboy aka Krikor. The first track Entity is a vandalizing rave-generator, it will force you to dance madly on any stable surface. (666) 361-6794 is a rethought Jesus Loves Acid, turned into more powerful, rough and devilish manner. My favorite is Red Axes remix on Entity, they turned the original into ritual dance. Vicious and hypnotic The Operator closes the record. It’s a sound of mad dance on sizzling hot coals!


Lonely Behaviour – Lonely Behaviour 12″ [Dubbla Budskap]
Lonely Behaviour is a moniker of Filip Esaiasson, very talented Sweden, our friend. He released this debut 12″ on his own brand new Dubbla Budskap label he named after album of a band where his father played in 80s. The 12″ is a collection of tasty groovy edits with strong dancey rhythms: from skreaming Pink-Floydish guitar rock in Benny’s Trip and cunning elegant dub with 70s beach horns in Jerry B Goofy to Harvey’s-like dreamy disco in Boogie Bengt and crazy blossoming spring downtempo rollercoaster Kerstin’s Night Out. Perfect summer party record!


Eiskalte Engel – Eiskalte Engel 12“ [Mond Musik]
Spacelex continues to amaze us on his own Mond Musik label after superb debut release. This time he released Eiskalte Engel band from 80s. You will find their tracks in previously unreleased extended form from real disco masters – A|biOn, Dalum & Steen Gjerulff and Nixxon. Rhytmical electro and underground disco sound, minimalism and ndw pop – this record will surprise your imagination and will became friends with every true digger!


Oyama Edit & DJ Ground – Ghost Guide 12″ [Most Excellent Unltd.]
Our friends Mori Ra & DJ Ground created a masterpiece. Every track is a different story here. Niagara Pink is a 9-minutes long trip through dark woods on a cocaine, acid bassline is skrewing into your brain, crazy vocals are scaring you. Space Flight is a very groovy dance tool with confusing catchy disordered beat and bright airy melody. Ghost Guide is slowly riding in 70s French movies with echoing guitars and tense strings. Love & Love is sun-kissed summer monster, sounds a bit like Quiet Village in its best.


Keita Sano – Sweet Bitter Love 12” [Spring Theory]
It’s a magic release! The record has a very strong cool vibe. Keita Sano draws long garlands of afro house melodies, unexpected inserts, mellow sound and the incredible power of the groove. I listened the whole promo track after track till the late night. The remix from Jacques Renault is special, it will lead your legs into a long journey. The whole 12” is a hyper dance mystic afro thriller, it will keep it in my DJ bag for a long time.


Bell Towers – Hyper-Realised-Self 12″ [Public Possession]
Bell Towers continues to experiment with rhythm construction, basslines and melody. The composition is minimal but effective for the night desert dance. The A-side is a rocket launched into space, when the B-side sounds very from Earth, deep-house jam with melodic Australian touch. We looking forward to hear more surprises from Public Possession team this year!


The Breeze presents “Cocktails By The Pool” 12″ [Not On Label]
Beautiful atmosphere, confidential conversations, soft light cocktails, tender sea breeze. It’s all about love and bliss living in every sound of its sunny, pleasant and harmonious edits. This record is your key to true summer, your summer where romance and soulfulness are dancing slowly together. It’s a perfect surprise from Basso packed into beautiful envelope created by our favorite Jiro Bevis.


W. Barthel, M. Bohm, R. Bauer – Timeless Horizons 2XLP [Growing Bin]
o The new release on Growing Bin is a compilation of three private LP from Wolfgang Barthel, Matthias Bohm and Reinhold Bauer. This is a sacred music, it canne from
Mother Earth and rises high in the sky. Harmonic folk rock and light psychedelia are flying on the airship. Delicate percussions touching your heart. Maditative sounds of calmba leading you to the innocent woods. And you will understand finally your higher purpose while listening to flutes and darbuka.


Various Artists – Invisible Family EP #1 12″ [Invisible Inc]
It’s really good and soulful debut release on Invisible Inc, brand new label of or friend GK Machine. It’s easy to admit Gordon’s love to eclecticism and experiments in this record. Secret Circuit opens it, his track sounds elegant, enigmatic, controlling you till the last moment. Spacerocks – Mini Pops is a picturesque comet, immersing youin a majestic trance. Tracks from Tim ‘Love Lee & Poncho Brothers constructing world of comfort, crystal palace of minimal disco. It’s intimate melodies, you need to get in a special mood for it.


Naduve / Katzele – The Paolo Rossi EP 12″ [Rothmans]
Finally Rothmans released really magic record! The whole thing builds around Naduve & Katzele – Nein, amazing Eastern psychdance. Both remixes are good too: hypnotic dance-marathon from genius Man Power and dense dark The Claydermans Oh Nein remix. The final track Naduve – “Miracles From Edrine sounds like a cold rain, it works like a relaxing massage. Light and slow notes of disco lead you to sundown.


Aron McFaul — Taverna Times [West Coast Recordings]
Yeah, it’s a start of a new promising label from Sweden – West Coast Recordings. Taverna Times is a wide shining downtempo disco full of air and sunlight, the wind is blowing your course. Don’t miss it, follow it

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio

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