The best records of May 2014


Wild Rumpus – Musical Blaze-Up 2xLP [Bitches Brew]
Wild Rumpus is back!!! It’s a very fun project of DJ Cosmo and American fusion guitarist Gary Lucas. The best records of Wild Rumpus were released in 2007 on Bitches Brew, everyone should know at least epic Rub-N-Tug remix of Musical Blaze-Up (it’s in my DJ bag for ages). The current release is a compilation of all originals from 12″s released earlier plus some new tracks. There are tropical vibes, fat bass, carnival atmosphere, and of course Lucas’ guitar extravaganza. It’s chilly psychedelic blues on Tickety – Boo, intricate and grandi ose on Purple Summersault, otherworldly on Musical Blaze-Up. It’s a fat release in all aspects: how it sounds, how it looks, even the tracks naming is colorful


Electra – Keegi 7″ [Frotee]
When I heard a snippet of Electra – Keegi, I knew – this is a favourite. This can not be missed. There is an awesome melodic level close to ideal. It’s some sort of a soul fighter. Track Meid Kaasa Muusika Viib reminds the theme song of some movie where the main character goes on sunny streets of N, the ladies are singing on on both si des of the street, and he’s rushes to the date with his beloved of course. It’s an absolutely cheerful, playful and carefree disco song. My advice – buy carefully and as quick as possible !


A.r.t. Wilson – Overworld Cassette [Andras Fox Self-Released]
To be honest everything made by Andy is insanely cool and damn cute in all aspects: selection, production, submission, design and style in general. This cassette is created to soar above the earth, the universe, rise above all material and blissfully contemplate. In a nutshell, the Overworld lifts us to the seventh heaven.


Tolouse Low Trax – S/T 12″ [Karaoke Kalk]
New 12-inch from Tolouse contains two remixes (one from the young Modern Love label’s star Miles Whittaker and the second from the Dus del dorf’s forester Wolf Muller) of tracks from the Jei dem Fall LP (2012) on side A and two absolutely new tracks on the flip. Rough, masculine patterns, wild electronics, industrial, metal sounds are combining with some sort of bamboo magic of Wolf Muller. Rhythms are developing, changing, squirming, some basic structures are accriting with new layers of mechanic sounds creating very strange, cold, silver (in terms of colour) atmosphere. I’m sure this release is a killer oriented on the susceptible, brainy dancelfloors.


Blase – Sunset Dawn LP [ESP Institute]
It’s a debut album of a new project – collaboration between Suzanne Kraft and Eddie Ruuscha (I read in the notes to this LP it’s the first one in series of releases from this duo on ESP!) . Both are genius and it’s interesting to hear how they combine their skills. It’s a very saturated, full of cool tricks, cosmic sounds, diverse album. No one can pass by the track opener The Third Wall, banger with a feeling of recreating of something grandiose, a confident persistent slow beat, synthesizer circles and a feeling of euphoria. Music is super relaxed, evening, opaque, torrid, very melodic. It’s not so psychedelic as Ruuscha stuff and not so ambient as Kraft’s, it’s a perfect combination. You can’t go from a feeling of deep deep summer somewhere between July and August here.


Simple Symmetry – Apes In The Orange Groove 12″ [Glenview Records]
That’s a new gem from Simple Symmetry, and if the last time we traveled to the East in the company of The Stallions, this time we’re travelling to the midst of the Amazon, where strange birds are flying and unknown plants are growing. Also this time our companion in this travelling is Secret Circuit There is a feeling of tropical euphoria that fully captures you and does not break during the listening. Eddie turned apes into a kind of astral-esoteric dance, hot and mysterious. Nice to know that Lipsky brothers continue to please us and God give them more fantastic ideas!


Young Marco – Biology LP [ESP Institute]
The debut album of Young Marco is very versatile. The result is a kind of New Age-Ambient-Italo – House Rubik’s Cube, thoroughly infused with analog synths. The record breathes with optimism, freshness, hope and a feeling that it was well impregnated with divine ambrosia before the release. Marco’s making incredible things, it sounds very interesting, creative, unexpected. Further – more, I’m Sure!


Vantorel – Vantorel LP [Frotee]
Album Vantorel found its new life thanks to the efforts of our beloved label Frotee. It’s the first vinyl release of this album, these are 14 tracks with very enigmatic, mysterious and sometimes sad mood. There are sweeping and epic melodies with impressive affecting piano soul passes, combined with energetic and dense psycho-rock vibrations. It’s a very interesting group with character


Antek Slawa – Loose Arms EP [unreleased]
We discovered un released Loose Arms · EP last month and want to tell you about this project. It is a “flying” record, there are 3 hypnotising synthetic tracks, its like “perpetual mobile” in some way. Every track has some ability to fly. The first, Stretch, is like a hallucinatic trip, it sparks, burns, brighter in every next second, like a sun protuberances. The second, Encounter, is like a swimming in a vacuum, track-intrigue, track-puzzle, track-wave. The last third piece, a brilliant Orlowski, is an electric, flirting composition sounds massive. Antek Slawa did a good job with this EP, we’ll keep our eyes/ears on this guy from Poland

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio

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