The best records of March 2017

Our top is back with fresh records from our fave artists plus some cool debuts!

Bell Towers – BT Express 12″ [Public Possession]


Red-cheeked golden boy Rohan appears on a terrace somewhere in Venice in a velvet robe with a glass of champagne. He’s chilling and doing nothing because he finished new hits in his studio. Bell Towers continues his residency in the Public Possession headquarters. New banger comes in a killer air-brush stylised artwork from the master Günter Mattei. The music tis time really reminds a train rushing somewhere because of samples + hi hats repeating over and over like clatter of wheels. The All Aboard is classic reminding Daft Punk with BT classic channelling, vocals, music is wrapped in EQ like the train coming in and out of a tunnel. The secon track is druggier and heavier than A side. There’s a point in the middle where the groove getting this new epic tone and since then the track turns into an unstoppable machine smashing people on the dancefloor.

Powder – H 12″ [Cocktail D’Amore]


Cocktail D’Amore hit us at heart again releasing bomb 12-inch from Powder and it sounds like her graduate work. While her production on Born Free and ESP sounded cool and raw, here she smashed it to the body parts (literally) like a professional plastic surgeon. The record artwork in the shape of heart clothed in strings looks like a revelation. So what’s inside? The Hip feels like our hero became more tempered and confident, it’s a cocktail of acid, techno and even disco. Other unforgettable piece is Hole with its beat seems like a caterpillar of a tank. Hair is like shamanic pirouettes of the wizard from the Diablo 2, erecting the columns of incendiary energy with a magical scepter.

Japan Blues – Sells His Record Collection LP [Japan Blues]


The debut album from Japan Blues hides a lot of musical secrets inside. Its combinations are permeated with the influence of the East and full of authentic magic. Folk experiments and pure library sketches, meditative abstractions and field recordings. For example 10000 Forgotten Ghost Stories is something similar to Italian ambient rom late 80s, fragile, minimalistic and angelic graceful. The Sun Goddess Steps Out In Old Asakusa is opposite: it sounds like war rhythm of some tribe. Japan Blues trying to find new musical tricks and he did it quite successfully in teh current record.

King Rambo Sound – Karma Cassette [Unknown Precept]


Dynamic EP, like audio training for a true scout ready to jump from the flying helicopter on the surface of rushing boat. Nobody will have mercy on you, absolutely ruthless songs sound aggressive and sportive and have one goal – to execute the dance floor with euphoria. The artist’s real name is Atsushi Akama, he’s a part of Aoba Nu Noise promo group, making parties in Sendai (Japan) since 2006. The sound of Karma varies from techno industrial to uncompromising rhythmic noise. Viva la Unknown Precept!

Tzusing – LIES 092 LP [L.I.E.S.]


Tzusing is a king! His debut album just blows our mind. It’s bombastic, reactive and exceptional. The man has an ear for the melody. Just check how he plays with sounds of racing cars in the Track 1 combining it with phenomenal kick and some traditional Asian drums. Industrial machine is working perfect in Digital Properties bending and compressing metal parts. Mechanical clock is ticking in Esther cutting time in equal parts while someone blowing in pipe and hypnotising snakes on Oriental market. There’s also slow porn (Nature Is Not Created In The Image Of Man’s Compassion), banging speed techno (Post-Soviet Models). LIES 092 is full of bangers and primeval power.

Charlotte Adigery – 1,618 12″ [Deewee]


Deewee seems like a perfect label for a modern melodic synth-based music today. The debut solo release of vocalist Charlotte Adigery is one more example of this thesis. 1,618 is an ultimate pop hit with underground touch, rich musical line and echoing ultraviolet vocals. The vide is grandiose, RnB hooks are elegant. Senegal Seduction is a softest ballad sung in French, like Venus in furs. The B side starts with slow playful house in Le Froid and ends in the thin as air guitar Celle. Charming and powerful debut.

Denis Mpunga & Paul K – Criola 12″ [Music From Memory]


In the 19th release, MFM goes to Africa. The duo of Denis Mpunga (born in Congo) and Paul K aka Patrick Stas from Belgium produced extraordinary mix of traditional African music with drum machines around 1980-1984. The result is captivating. Dark atmosphere, repetitive synths, balafons and senzas, psychedelic melodies, echoing drum patterns and Denis’ vocals. Criola is a centrepiece here, moody tribal ballad. Most of tracks are super short, sort of sketches, but it’s all different styles from kraut and traditional to acidic synth downtempo with crazy African twist.

SM Nurse – That’s The Body 12″ [Domestica]


New release on Spanish label Domestica is pleasing fans of cold wave and minimal synth again. This time it’s a limited EP with four tracks from the cult 80s band called SM Nurse. The A-side is unreleased exclusive recorded in 1983. Rhythmic, moving, with clattering and melted vocals That’s The Body contrasts here with our fave On & Off, reckless synth punk made for the dancing all night long. The B-side consists two new songs released earlier on a compilation in 2013. Sounds fat, post-industrial and uncompromising. It’s hard to pass by!

Words Artem Ikra (2, 3, 4, 8), Sasha Tessio (1, 5, 6, 7)
Illustrations Turbo Mamba

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