The best records of March 2016


Leo James – Disconnect Connect 12″ [Body Language]
It is uncompromising music. It immediately grabs you by the hand and It’s very hard to escape from its creepers-like grip. Tech House? There is it. Minimalism? Sure. Industrial atmosphere? Naturally! But what really sets up a connection with your body and mind is a Bass. It’s able to cause earthquakes and tsunamis. There is a new chance for Eyjafjallajökull to erupt, and the girls forgive their boys under these vibrations. This saga in two parts is a cold-blooded, accurate, well thought-out, non-standard and quality, as victory in a fight with swords. It’s a strike, Leo!


Sugai Ken – On The Quakefish LP [Lullabies For Insomniacs]
Ken Sugai is a super talented contemporary musician from Kanagawa, Japan. This record is special: it’s a first proper vinyl release for Ken and new born Lullabies For Insomniacs label of beautiful Izabel Caligiore. Sometimes it sounds like a soundtrack for Fellini (Unari), sometimes like sounds from your deepest dreams (Denden), sometimes like acapella from the Art Of noise record (Sha) or field recording from theatre turning into Balearic ambient masterpiece (Utsuo No Maigiri). It’s cosmic, subconscious and tropical. Thank you Ken and Izabel for this crazy adventure!


Don’t DJ – Authentic Exoticism 12″ [Sexes]
It sounds like we finally managed our vacation on Bali or Thailand and we witness local secret ritual around bonfire. The field recording on the background is a perfect example of time machine – it transports you to that place and time where you should hear this music. Are you also wandering about one more artist grew in Salon and obsessed with drums? Hmmm. Durian Brothers are our favorites for a long time, and Don’t DJ aka Florian Meyer is a member of that trio. Authentic Exoticism is also based around rhythms as Brothers’ records, but this time it’s like summer light edition. The structure is more organic, natural, there is no heavy magnetism and narcotic trips from Das Macht Modern LP. I felt in love with artwork too 🙂


Suzanne Kraft – DJ Safety 12″ [Kitjen]
I see the style in Diego’s music. And its boundaries are wide almost rubber-like. For example Burn Me Down. It is a sort of house-screwdriver, it rotates so smoothly in the centre of dancefloor, like habitué. While Skype is something more personal, intimate, private. Tet-a-tet soulful groove. Striptease for the one. DJ Safety says “It’s alright bro, take it easy” to us with its flexible rhythm and slightly buzzing sounds. Generally this 12″ is a smooth worthy release on a silk Stuttgart pillow.


Kris Baha – BAH 028 12″ [Bahnsteig]
Kris’ edits do not lag behind his powerful and impressive original production. You want to touch, to listen, to play it more often. There are crazy guitars like spurs whipping up wild mustang, cake-like multi-coloured beats, steel sounds. There is a New Beat breath.


Africaine 808 – Basar 2xLP [Golf Channel]
Solid record, traced to the last detail. Nomad & Dirk built a whole empire, primal, holistic and majestic. These rhythms are absolutely wild. But this is not a parody, but really authentic stuff. It literally blows you from your feet with its power, it grinds you to parts. Blasting drums, freaking out bass, frenzied synthesizers, intoxicating melodies. It really looks like a circus on wheels, or the bazaar with a huge African-synth boom box in the middle, that turns everything around in a frantic dance.

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio

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