The best records of March 2014


Vangelis Katsoulis ‎– The Sleeping Beauties: A Collection of Early and Unreleased Works LP [Into The Light]
Liquid sounds, live water, the music you can touch. Earth Beat is very shamanic, dark in the beginning, you’re in the landscapes from Fitzcaraldo movie, ethnic music of drums, people in masks are around you. My favourite piece is the Eternal Return: dance around glass of water, strange voices of your ancestry, talk with bright colourful birds, say hi to parrot on my shoulder. Guitar in Longing makes me cry. Katsoulis’ LP is a compilation of fresh air, bright sun, and oily green tropical jungle. It’s a cyclic as our life. It’s brilliant with no doubt. It’s as clear as the sky over Greece, as deep as the sea around the island where this music was born.


Suzanne Kraft – Missum LP [Running Back]
Resurrected in a new abstract form Kraft’s Missum is the story of primacy of human instincts, emotions and reactions. Sadness and hope,dreams and desires are sitting here speakless. Contemplation and magnetism are presented here at every step. This is reminiscent of the accelerated cycle of evolution that fits on 7 tracks, the key to mother nature and yourself through music.


Benjamin Roder & Max Josef – Sugar Steady 12″ [Not On The Label]
Catchy tech house beat, shamanic Doors-like guitar loop from Cymande track, hooks in its only right places, delicate flamenco claps. Quite dark, very moving and dancey. Sugar Steady is a solid dance track with a lot of charm and intelligence. Should work great on proper soundsystem. Package and artwork by Benjamin Roder is mesmerizing. Love it from the first sight & listening. Benjamin and Max, we want more!


Central Executives – Walk In The Dark 2xLP [Golf Channel]
Walk In The Dark is an absolutely cocktail, sweet and sensuous canvas, surprisingly ingeniously made. Unprecedentedly vicious release imposing imbued but not less impressive. It’s a sort of analogue sound orgasmotron riddled with passion, vice and pleasure. Strained, tight and capricious in its melody. Flirt without beginning or end. Atmosphere of the record – like in Paris’ Boiler Room with Smagghe. True ecstasy – 100% guarantee!


Matt Karmil – Say You Say 12″ [Beats In Space]
Yeah yeah yeah! I’m dancing endlessly for the first track from this EP. I’m in hypnosis. I’m happy. I’m warming up from inside. People around me are cool. Love all of them. Smiling, funny drum, endless loop, voices and of course creeping out acid bassline. Huge huge track. Just can’t stand it!


Nico Motte – Rheologia LP [Antinote]
Unfolding scale, epic Rheologia, forced to take another look at Antinote. It produces the cannon volley, synthetic bone Anesthesia, topped crisp, light and dance on the general background theme song. My applause for ya Nio – your step is convincing.

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio