The best records of June 2015


Rex Illusivii – In The Moon Cage 2xLP [Offen Music]
I’m happy for maestro Vladimir Ivcovic this record is finally out and the magic trip is started. You will find rare archive recordings of Serbian electronic experimenter Mitar Subotic on this mysterious esoteric masterpiece. This record is a revelation, a real elixir of wisdom. Shamanic chants and lullabies from folk encountered in the synthesized ecstasy. There is this feeling when you are flying and every atom of your body is filled with light. You are passing through a galaxy of unprecedented dimensions in a short period of time. It is an endless cycle of reincarnations and updates. The wisdom of Earth and Heavenly sacraments in an elegant vinyl carafe.


Tambien — Ondule 12″ [Kitjen]
Everyone kept their eye on Kitjen after the first bomb release from Lauer Brothers. So to get the credits of the next one with Tambien – it was a pleasure. And guys from Munich didn’t disappoint us. Ondule means corrugated or wavy in French. The original track is really like sky dragon. It’s developing slowly until the grand organ enters which lifts the composition to the space level. I call it messianic house. And also Kornel Kovacs made an amazing remix. He turned the beat into the dance of Helenic columns and the vocal – into ritual call. Hope you will occur in this mousetrap as I did 🙂 Top recommendations!


Nikolaenko – The Sounds of Pseudoscience LP [Muscut]
Our dear friend from Kiev Dmytro Nikolaenko made a giant step forward with his label Muscut. Started from 7″ with experimental Ukrainian music now he released solo album selling in Red Light Records and Public Possession. As a fan of electronic music pioneers and experimenters, Dmytro created his own very intimate synthesized galaxy. You can feel his attention to details, to every single sound, pad and drum kick. And because of it it’s a very fun to listen album. The Sounds of Pseudoscience is a perfect cocktail of space ambient with ice, delicate percussions, under-water rhythms and echoes of Soviet 60s.


The Kramford Look – Telepaths LP [WONDERFULSOUND]
We got fresh masterpiece from Englishmen duo The Kramford Look. Their previous 10″ was a must have almost for every Balearic DJ on the planet two years ago. The guys are very into library music and sophisticated arrangements. It’s obvious you can hear the strong connection between this album and legendary La Planete Sauvage OST. Guys are using original instruments from that era, you feel the same atmosphere of dreamy sunny 70s jazz rock records, the melodies, composition are really really great. I felt some dark unknown feeling of uncertainty when I heard the album for the first time. It’s home listening record but it’s not a background music, it really catches your ear. The Telepaths is a promenade in a sunny garden of your dreams


Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourriere — Five Steps LP [Versatile]
First class rhythmical experiments with analogue equipment. The sound of the album reminded me Roland Bocquet Paradia LP. It’s slow, very well detailed sound and deep. You are stopping your breath while listening to this album. Some themes dip you into a bath with liquid horror (Ice Stalactite), sometimes you feel as a boardman on a spaceship from old sci-fi movie (Five Steps) and even as a participant of Jacques-Yves Cousteau expedition to a far unknown boards (Dreammachine). Super deep stuff, it’s a must-have.


Domenique Dumont – Comme ca LP [Antinote]
This album is another chance to declare love to French label Antinote. It’s rare occasion to hear such interesting and diverse album these days. Domenique mixed bedroom indie-pop, psychedelia and synthesized tropical dub in an abstract analogue pot. For example sunny and playful L’esprit De L’escalier smashes your head and gives you the feeling of true joy. Such joy from childhood, carefree and naive. La Basse Et Les Shakers stylistically is in one row with Snake Charmer from Fantastic Man or Kookaburra from Coober Pedy University Band. And La Bataille De Neige is a brilliant dub joint. Magnifique!


Khidja – Bah02412“ [Bahnsteig 23]
Khidja, nuggets from Romania, pleased us with their edits on growing Bahnsteig 23. The record is a mix of synth, new wave and Balearic. It’s hard to choose one favourite. But when you start from seething Infinita and it takes you by hand in an infinite dance, there’s no doubts. And you just can’t stand when you hear crazy guitar psych dance Utsici.


Xen – Bells 12″ [Malka Tuti]
I found a bunch of new labels this year I’m amazed about. Malka Tuti is not an exception. Especially when they started from Xen. Bells and All Of The Sun became something native to me already. It’s a cocktail of furious cold wave and post-punk, sprawling synths and the vocals controlling your mind. The fresh tropical remix of Bells from our favorites Red Axes is an ideal continuation of musical banquet, it sounds great in- and outdoors. And the last bullet is All Of The Sun Voodoo, turning you into hypnotical state of mind and leaving a long aftertaste. It’s a masterpiece from Tel Aviv!


33.10.3402 — Bura EP 12″ [Second Circle]
Nenad shows his talent wider in its variety with every next record. The same titled track pushes you into pride of lions, and you are running with it looking for a prey in savannah. Wildness and beauty of pristine nature, basic instincts and the universe in the palm of your hand. Chirping and meditative Om is like a soundtrack for the jungle nightlife. Cozy and chamber Syg is a perfect example of tropic leftfield dance. And my favourite in this record is P-Tok sounds like an arbiter because of powerful beat and strange melody. It can be a great intro but only for the first-class party.


Suzanne Kraft — Talk From Home LP [Melody As Truth]
I call this album from Kraft like eco-sound. Insinuating and full of new age thinking. It’s like you are in a trip at the sea bottom, observing exotic fish and the beauty of coral riffs. The Talk From Home is a stylish minimalism and atmosphere of the full freedom. The guitar is flirting and the harmony is enveloping your heart.

Words by Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations by Sasha Tessio

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