The best records of June 2014


Ess 0 Ess – Baboon 12″ [Love On The Rocks]
Baboon is like an ancient to them which went down from the plateau of the Lost World, where no man has gone before. You feel like plunge into the abyss of the unknown, and covered with vines and fruit Chirimuya emotions. The record is so viscous, desperate, wet and topical, you hear first sounds of vocal and you feel that flowing of the wild river is pulling you into deepness. The original sounds more pristine, wild, passionate, damp, and remix from Tiago balances the track with its beach-cocktail rhythms. I can identify this crazy musical hurricane Baboon as raindrops on burning rocks, it’s a cool oasis in the midst of life-giving glowing summer tyranny.


ZSOU – Admiral Byrd 12” [Island Of The Gods]
ZSOU is not a music, it’s magic. It’s a deep look inside yourself. It’s an ancient magnetism. I see Admiral Byrd as a vagabond, who had the infinite number Of Victories and defeats. And all his wonders are translated in a dui te strange way creating surrealistic picture full of guitar surprises, hypnotic groove and ritual vocal passages. It’s a powerful and majestic record


Tempelhof & Gigi Masin – Hoshi LP [Hell Yeah]
It’s the third album of Tempelhof but this time it ’s not an Italian duo but trio : our hero Gig Masin joined Luciano Ermondi and Paolo Mazzacani in the studio. The result is very light, with modern sound design, it’s full of air and sun, repetitive piano of Masin pierces compositions. This album is more Tempelhof than Masin, it ‘s not so melancholic than his solo work, it’s more freeform ambient. But there’s last track that will stop your breathe. She Left Home is an ocean of harmony and love, it’s so epic, so about us all, so about cold sunny mornings, so about start of something great in your life. And the record leaves you with eyes wide open. Bravo Tempelhof, bravo Gigi !


Manfredas – Pink Industry 12” [Les Disques De La Mort]
I think the meeting of Manfredas and Ivan Smagghe is not casual, I see hand of God in it 🙂 And the result of this meeting, Pink Industry 12″, sounds amazing on new Ivan’s label. It has such lush undulating rhythm, subtle vibrations, all is perfect. Vertiginous Pink Industry, floating Uumelmahaye and killer remixes from Zongamin made the debut of Lithuanian genius one of the most memorable records of June. No style, all styles, one spirit !


33 10 3402 – Mecanica 2 [ESP Institute]
It’s time for Mecanica sequel on ESP Institute from Nenad Markovic. It sounds fresh with more precise beat. The atmosphere is still gloom, full of rough metallic constructions, hidden voi ces . The rhythm is viscous, shamanic. My favourite is III.33, it’s darker. Nenad didn’t disappoint us with this release.


V. A. – Funny Old Shit: A Trunk Records Sampler Vol 1 LP [Trunk Records]
It’s the first volume in a series of crazy compilations from Jonny Trunk on his legendary label. I love the free eccentric retro style of it. There are so different bits and pieces: calypso, beautiful vocal number Naima, music concrete, brilliant dusty 60’s jazz, soundtracks, unbelievable electronics, field recordings, romantic classic masterpiece The Carnival Of The Animals, Love Theme from Spartacus by Yusef Lateef … It’s an extraordinary compilation from the master


Zanzibar Chanel – Funky Junk EP 12″ [Ruff Records]
We are always happy about Australian music and it pleases us often last time. Stuff from Zanzibar Chanel is not an exception. It’s a magical inviting analogue house full of unimaginable mood. Sometimes you hear the connection with The Central Executives, sometimes this music is qui te Harvey Sutherland. The EP is thin, clever and it sounds fresh. We’re waiting more from these Australian guys!


Bell Towers – Territory Remix EP 12″ [Public Possession]
Public Possession team continues bombing us with quality stuff. It’s the 12-inch with remixes on Bell Towers this time. And there are again newcomers to the label on this vinyl : Hong Kong based Samo DJ with two remixes of Territory (the first one is heavy and anxious, second is more atmospheric with rave chords) and new duo Spectacle (it’s Benjamin Roder and Muallem from Compost Records) with banger J.0. M. M. in pure dance floor swing mode. Manchester disco guru Ruf Dug also made remix on Jungle Of My Mind. Can’t name one favourite, the whole release is simply 5/5.

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio

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