The best records of July 2017

July was hot, the plate is full, more delicacies coming. Discos Capablanca, candomblé, Stroom, Sign Bit Zero, Second Circle, Antinote, double Neubau, L.I.E.S. and AM.

DJ Bert & Eagle – I Am Your Master 12″ [Stroom]

Krossfingers Top Records July 2017 - DJ Bert Eagle-01

The epic reissue on Stroom again – DJ Bert & Eagle single from 1980. The music made not on synths but on an organ after Arnold Schwarzenegger played on it (the info from press release, but can you believe it?!). Captivating murky songs of fear. I Am Your Master was created as a reaction to some old horror movie, joke turned on imagination which produced impressing sound. It’s a perfect intro song destroying walls between listener and artist: “Come to my paradise, all I want is you!”. The Import, song on the B-side, has some even creepier feeling of travelling circus, warmth of old pop songs, dancing vocals tickling nerves. This record hypnotizing as burning house in the deep night.

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Odopt – Belgrade 12″ [Discos Capablanca]

Krossfingers Top Records July 2017 - Odopt-01

My imagination draws this picture while listening Croque Trans Croque: standing in an abandoned underground station where you hear a screech, echoes of cold ringing bells, as if accompanying some kind of closed black mass. It reminds Black Merlin production sometimes. This is how the hymn of the modern concrete jungle should sound like. Rex Ingram finally screws up the nuts with its combination of industrial techno rhythm and unexpected cocaine disco parts. As a result – guys experimenting fearlessly, and they did it again mfs!

Androo – Naya 12″ [Second Circle]

Krossfingers Top Records July 2017 - Androo-01

Swiss producer Androo debuting on Second Circle confidently with the Naya EP. Relaxed atmosphere, rich arrangements, simple melodies, authentic feel, music with no time stamps on it. Genius release. 2000 & Universe opens the record with warm Sade-like keys and bass. On Time starts the dub chapter here, moody, repetitive piece. London Dub continues it with great bassline and emotional piano chords. B-side starts from Naya II, great summer deep house track. Slice Dub opens portal into space with percussions and echo machines while Pansilvania simply kills it. Long-awaited debut from Androo.

18 Rays – 18 Rays 12″ [Antinote]

Krossfingers Top Records July 2017 - 18 Rays-01

So what do you need to know about the 18 Rays project – it’s created by Nico Motte, Raphael Top-Secret and Zaltan. The genre specified in press release is coldwave, but the first track I Feel Rain is so full of light and carelessness that “warm wave” is a better term I think. Light and airy These Empty Stairs, full of melancholic vibes, it takes you into a world of dreamy bliss. The next is Long Time Ago, the song-remembrance about good old days, sounds pure and honest, makes you feel the same emotions even on the other side. And the final is North West Plaza, ambient sketch, where I see clearly three horsemen moving on the arid desert, smoking cigars under their hats, spurs polished and shining. Welcome new heroes, look forward for more great revelations from the trio!

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VA – Check Your Reality [candomblé]


Manifesto of the next generation of producers from Dusseldorf. Fresh sprawling sound, drums still a centrepiece here. The record opens with abstract groover Kit Plavaet V Okeane, lots of wobbly percussions, twisted sounds and frostbitten monologue on Russian. Housey track from Schaik Mitz has some African roots while San Pellegrino closing the 10″ with cold, wet and windy breakbeat. candomblé is listed on Facebook as clothing company, any usual store selling the record. Good start boys!

Black Seed – Dirtybox 12″ [Sign Bit Zero]

Krossfingers Top Records July 2017 - Black Seed-01

Matteo Viani was silent for three years since his previous EPs on Details Sound in 2014. But he’s active on Soundcloud where I’m following him and can say his production and taste really resonates with me. Finally, he broke the silence with the record on Kilian Krings’ Sign Bit Zero. Dirtybox is an accurate name for it, the sound is rough, dirty, untreated like a truffle just dug from the ground. The track with the same name is something like sounds of the huge metal golem moving, creaking with steel blades, uncompromisingly marching for the souls of innocent victims. Vaporize is a military industrial machine reminding me of legendary Holland Tunnel Dive with its sounds of take-off aircraft. Things moving even crazier: No Control is an apotheosis of brutal energy, a soldier from Power Electronics army. Producing a vortex of sparks, ruthless Mutante, painted in psychedelic patterns concludes Black Seed come-back with triumph!

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MRH – City Of Greed Pt II 12″ [Neubau]

Krossfingers Top Records July 2017 - MRH-01

Neubau bosses warmed up the hot enough July even more with a pair of 12″. The first one is an EP with dark, atmospheric techno-experiments from MRH. It’s opening with a track called Envy – sweeping away like a herd of wild mustangs. It’s a massive stadium techno, pressing you into dancefloor like a giant rink. Act Aggression is a reverence to electro, the beat dancing like ninja, showing some magic of parkour in the pre-dawn haze, just can’t stand it! The last track is a remix from Dieter Fiegel on Envy where he turned the original into slower, mundane but ultra groovy techno Cadillac painted in acid colours.

Sheila Fleurator – E Moon 12″ [Neubau]

Krossfingers Top Records July 2017 - Sheila Fleurator-01

My fave Neubau 12″ this month is this one, musical joker E Moon from Sheila Fleurator. Lazy, loosening your knees and the brain, tribal rhythms from the mystery debutant tightening more than any ocean funnel. E-Moon (Food For Thought) rising, tense, rocking from side to side, ringing with metal percussions and imperious vocals. Jin Jang is full of Oriental charm, flavors from Bali and Indonesia, true ritual techno dance from the deepest wild forest. The final makes me clapping, track Minimal Hypnosis takes you by hand and leads to the center of spiral dance of lust, thirst and liberation.

Various Artists – 04 AM 12″ [AM]

Krossfingers Top Records July 2017 - AM-01

This 12″ is out at right time – sultry July, threatening to break out with a bright flame at any time. Four edits are painted in bright and catchy colours of African continent. The edit from Perdu on legendary Chicco – I Need Some Money is the first one rushing into attack. The original of this South African boogie, partly bubblegum was released in 1986. The second edit on A-side is quite simple. Don’t forget about congenital ignorance and always inherent groove of the original stuff from Africa. Afrobot is taking care of the B-side and his edit Jungle with its always changing percussive rhythms and the furious roar of elephants creates magic in the air. Go dance people!

ADMX-71 – Melted Fuel 12″ [L.I.E.S.]

Krossfingers Top Records July 2017 - ADMX 71-01

Adam Mitchell also known as Adam X but his main project is ADMX-71. Legendary Sonic Groove owner released his next record on Ron Morelli’s label. He had 12″ there in 2014, and the 2xLP in 2015. Melted Fuel is a mix of industrial, power electronics, EBM, techno, rhytmic noise and electro. But it doesn’t mean anything, because master’s hand who was boiling on the techno-kitchen since early 90s, stirring Belgian sound, UK, Detroit, Germany with dark acid and powernoise unmistakably writes another masterpiece.

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Words Artem Ikra (2, 4, 6-10), Sasha Tessio (1, 3, 5).
Illustrations Turbo Mamba

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