The best records of July 2016

It’s already August, how’s your summer friends? πŸ™‚


Various Artists – Sky Girl 2xLP [Efficient Space]
Diggers’ diggers Dechery and Sundae gathered breath-taking selection of 15 songs on Michael Kucyk label dressed in Misha Hollenbach sleeve. Can you imagine such company?! Tags are intimacy, sincerity and loneliness. Palette is flickering with folk pop, post punk and new wave. The compilation remains the feeling of lost photo album of some family: you are turning pages and you start to feeling the connection with people on the photos. Something familiar, private is warming up your heart. Gold mine. [Artem Ikra]


Samo DJ – Kicked Out Of Everywhere 12″ [The Trilogy Tapes]
Samo Fosberg’s experimenting a lot with techno sound on current record. The beat, mood, lot of sounds – everything is changing from track to track like furniture behind the curtain. Scott Young’s vocals appeared on LKF. And Medellin sounds like a soundtrack to last year’s drama Sicario. And my fave is Beeps: there are menacing and sublime synth lines, which are cutting night like shark flippers. Samo DJ surprised as always. [Artem Ikra]


Fantastic Man – Rhythm Algorithm 12″ [Superconscious]
Our fave Australians Mic (aka Fantastic Man) and Griffin (aka Francis Inferno Orchestra) keep pleasing us with their relaxed and humorous approach to label and music making, their Superconscious label’s releasing hit after hit. It’s a third record this year after Andras’ fresh sounding come-back and dancefloor moving Suco edits. Fantastic Man’ sound on current release is less exotic as usual and more dry, almost fat-free. A-side is a symbiosis of ambient, breakbeat (light version) and classic house, synthetic melodies are dreamy. My personal favorite is Trance Sexual cause its jumping acid line. Perfect afterparty songs for dancefloors full of sun rays. Btw label’s artwork is pure gold, standing on the same shelf with Public Possession and Zanzibar Channel boyz. [Sasha Tessio]


Mount Liberation Unlimited – (Eerie) For Your Love 12″ [Beats In Space]
Beats In Space are back to bring some fresh stuff on the plate – 12″ from Stockholm-based band Mount Liberation Unlimited aka Tom Lagerman and Niklas Janzon. Guys debuted on Junk Yard Connections in 2014, last year they had single on aforementioned Superconscious, so current release is their third one. Title track is a synthetic symphony for nightclubs, full of analogue goodness, plastic melodies, hypnotic journey. Maiden Voyage, my fave, is a tender melancholic piece with waterfalls of sound, imposing break and conclusive ending. It’s the song for that special moment in DJ set everyone will remember. [Sasha Tessio]


Schwefelgelb – Wie Die Finger Durch Den Nebel 12″ [Fleisch]
Jonas and Philipp started their experiments with EBM, electro punk and techno back in 2006. Their previous record was released 3 years ago on Enfant Terrible. Now we can witness their resurrection on Berlin’s Fleisch label, which means “meat” on German. There are impetuous meatballs full of EBM marches, pierced with acid and electro rushing forward as Battletoads squads. Solid 12″ with catapult remix from Phase Fatale. [Artem Ikra]


Vakula – Cyclicality Between Procyon & Gomeisa 3xLP [Dekmantel]
Our fellow countryman conquered our hearts and really captivated our attention with this epic album. The things that deserves respect about Vakula are his passion and hard working habit: the man is locked in the studio when he’s not touring around the world. Current release is a exceptional piece of work. The 3xLP album contains 14 cuts: from deep space techno, complex textured ambient and house to Afro funk (I’m serious, the track is called Intergalactic Funk), blues and trippy hi-fi library. The range of used instruments is huge. Mature album, true listening pleasure. [Sasha Tessio]


Tzusing – A Name Out Of Place Pt III 12″ [L.I.E.S.]
Rule breaking Tzusing is bombarding us with magic releases last three years. This time he created tornado collecting mechanical parts on his way, quite acidized and soaked with hockey brutality mutating into breakbeat. After checking Tzusing’ Boiler Room you understand this techno punk’s creating madness on the dancefloor and in the studio as easy as piper from Hameln. [Artem Ikra]


DJ Normal 4 – Mental Command Terror 12″ [Brothers From Different Mothers]
The core of this French 12″ is sort of music post-modern. Tim Schumacher turned everything upside down, mixing old school samples and the sound of spaceship door’s opening from Sega games about mutants and aliens (I heard it like this). I admitted trance mood in the second track and a lot of non-ordinary percussions. Both tracks are vibrating on the pillow of breakbeat, jungle and electro. [Artem Ikra]


DJ Oil – Rain EP 12″ [Les Disques De La Mort]
Really oily house record. You can hear symbiosis of vocals cut from urban rhythm of the city. Loose drums are curling around bass accompanying to every phrase of some monotonic voice. Remix on Rain is flirting with breakbeat, electro and freestyle adding a huge dose of muscularity to the record. [Artem Ikra]


Trikk – Several EP 12″ [Optimo Trax]
Bruno Deodato set up sort of tribal settlement, which like Freetown Christiania settled in the wild stream of civilization and chaos. There are a lot of juicy, crunchy percussions everywhere, delivered on a fast train from the jungle in authentic wet state. It bewitches, especially on a big sound. Ivan Smagghe couldn’t create his first chat on Juno for no reason πŸ˜‰ [Artem Ikra]


Various Artists – In The Dark Again 5 12″ [In The Dark Again]
The star on this 12″ for me is Lvrin, both tracks from debutant are charismatic and powerful. There is beast shout of some invisible keeper of underground is on Snw paired with some jumping acid breakbeat. Tension reminds me a mix of High Wolf and epic cold wave. Kline Coma Zero showed atmospheric dark wave canvas with incrustations of post punk. Famous June sounds on this 12″ like Full Denim Jacket by Black Merlin. The record hits every cold heart. [Artem Ikra]

Words Artem Super Ikra & Sasha Tessio
Illustrations Sasha Tessio

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