The best records of July 2015


Raza De Soare – Albatros 12″ [Future Nuggets]
It’s not a secret, we have a weakness to synthetic experiments vvith ethno flavours from Romania. Raza De Soare is a duet Of singer Cosima Opartan and well-known experimental musician lon Durnitrescu. The result of their collaboraation is cool, sometimes quite minimal with cozy vocals and spicy aroma of mysterious 70s. The head of the parade is Bass king, poetry synths are working with doctor Mesmer, you have no chance to
don’t be involved. Albatros will open you unseen horizons for sure.


Carpentaria / Hysteric — Dromedary EP 12″ [Under The Influence]
Tamas Jones and Paul Harnon are behind the Carpentiara project that opens your mind with its first track like a beer can. Juicy edit Gadget Messiah is created for a wild combination on the dancefloor.The next track is an absolute tension point, galactic idyll, Burning Man sands bored to wait it. Arabian O1 from genius Hysteric is my favorite track of this 12″. After all these arguments Australian edit master pulls out disco-hydra Arabian 02 and you are running to the next record shop to buy it immediately.


Carisma — Vertigo EP 12″ [Comeme]
It’s a spellbinding release! True vertigo. Comeme’s offering remarkable musical dish for mind and dancing to us again. There’re a wide range of mysterious melodies, it takes youaway like a Flying Dutch. I wanna admit especially an organic integrity of this 12″. It’s a mirage, it invites you to the dance full of passion.


Hysteric, Mike Burns, Afrobot — Salamanca Issue #4 12″|Salamanca]
I was sure about this record after a peek on the tracklist names. There is workafrolic Hysteric opening concert with his incendiary groove ecstasy Ooh Dracula. The second track like a burning sambuka is lambada number from Mike Burns. Bright and passionate like South American girl. The vibrant disco comet from Afrobot is closing this amazing race. Salamanca is making our July better!

Words by Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations by Sasha Tessio

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