The best records of July 2014


Coober Pedy University Band – Kookaburra 12″ [Animal Dancing]
Animal Dancing is one of the best parties in Australia. Its organizers have launched eponymous label and the debut release is from COOBER PEDY UNIVERSITY BAND. Wonder bird Kookaburra is vocal and it’s quite brilliantly featured in the center of the original track, but also it was a symbol of the Summer Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000. Amazing record, we can say it’s the future projection of the Australian sound. Especially it sounds good in prime-time: Lee Douglas proved it, when he played at the June LOW party in Kiev. I believe that the Kookaburra is an essential thing in any jukebox. It’s a rare occasion of a successful combination of a great concept and brilliant execution.


Telephones – Lotusland 12″ [Love On The Rocks]
Third release on LOTR came out not so far after the first one. Clear, direct and assertive sound of Telephones did its job. Lotusland made a great dance banger especially thanks to the efforts of Discodromo, who made one of the remixes. Gatto Fritto remix is more extravagant and twisted, for this we appreciate it. Overall, the vinyl is a win-win choice.


Waldemar Schwartz – La Taza De Oro / Krav Maga Girls 12″ [Golf Channel]
Golf Channel pleasantly surprised us with their latest releases. Waldemar Schwartz was no exception. It’s a new project from Mäns Swanberg, known also as Bogdan Irkük aka Bulgari sounds great. The record is the quintessential of natural carnival and friendly fun. It’s a real cocktail, passionate, melting, disco stuff.


Harvey Sutherland – Edges EP 12″ [Echovolt Records]
The ideal term for Harvey’s creativity is breeze house I think. This EP which was published on Greek Echovolt is very airy and atmospheric. This is energizing music without restrictions and obligations. Sometimes there is a feeling that this is the future of the house music. Bravo Harvey !


Sasac – Hyperion 12″ [Omega Supreme Records]
We love Sasac for his stability. He always creates exciting musical canvases. This album
also was a godsend. It is meticulously crafted, melodic and warm sound literally instantly transports place of your deployment closer to the sea. This is a materialized oasis without kidding.


Stephen Steinbrink – Arranged Waves LP [Melodic]
It is hard to catch something entertaining in the infinite ocean of indie music. But Stephen Steinbrink is really a golden fish in this ocean, which is worth paying attention to. Album is drenched of nostalgia, it flows through its carelessness throughout the 12 songs-gems. You should listen it in a cozy place with a your beloved one.


Wildest Dreams – Wildest Dreams LP [Smalltown Supersound]
And the time has come for the release of a brand new rock project of DJ Harvey with full artwork from half of Krossfingers – Sasha Tessio ! Basic 70s rock setup: drums, guitars, bass, Rhodes piano and Harvey’s vocal. The whole project, it’s audio and Visual sides, is linked to 70s culture, LA bands, especially Randy California and The Doors. So the result of 4-days studio session is a drum heavy journey back to dusty hot streets of LA and SF with a lot of fun!


Bell Towers – Buro Hahn Edits 12″ [Under The Influence]
It was a surprise to see fresh edits EP on Public Possession. This time it came from the label’s star Bell Towers. It’s less experimental than two previous edits EPs from Tambien, more disco and it Offers weapons for wider range of dancefloors. The first banger My Love waited for a proper release for a year. It’s a heavy, sticky electrified disco with female vocals. But my favorite is Deep Forest, 90s downtempo breakbeat number with a bit of spacey salt and vocals peppers. The EP ends on a blue note somewhere from your childhood fairy tales about faraway lands and snow queens. It’s a rare occasion to get edits of such quality – so don’t miss it !


Full Circle – Sun King 12″ [Crowdspacer]
It’s the second EP from very special project of Le-Tan & Joakim – Full Circle. Again it sounds very massive, more industrial this time. The tracks have many space, there are many dark abstract objects, it has some sort of occult atmosphere of Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. It’s again slow burning trance in its pure sick form. Love such heavy stuff!


Moebius, Story, Leidecker – Snowghost Pieces LP [Bureau B]
It’s an amazing record. The collaboration between maestro Dieter Moebius, Ohio-based composer Tim Story and Jon Leidecker. The record sounds fat, it’s a very interesting combination of melodies, layers, effects, field recordings creating strange patterns. Industrial, electro, ambient, experimental. The first thing that come to my mind was Brandt Brauer Frick. But this album is less dance-oriented and more diverse. Top stuff!


Tambien – Der Elf 12″ [ ESP Institute]
This 12″ is a huge step forward for Tambien. The guys grew into a serious electronic project, brand just in one year. Guys came very close to their perfection of Robusto/Sexalitat with new single. It has different characters, but the same base and confidence. The sound is clearer now, you just can’t stand of snares on A-side, the mind is following elastic beat. The B-side is a very special: it’s a morning thing with lights of rising sun, 90s keys. It’s a modern dance classics.

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio

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