The best records of January 2016


Mick, Funny & Tutty — Shimouma Mondo Club 10″ [10 Inches Of Pleasure]
Why: it reminds my fave Still Going / Rub N Tug records from golden era around 2007-08
Main ingredients:
- delicate rhythm
- modest sound decorations with very clever details
- deep moody A-side and more stripped B-side, both based on meditative guitar passages


Simple Symmetry — XXX002 12″ [XXX]
Why: with no doubt it’s the best release from Lipsky brothers till date
Main ingredients:
- fantastic production quality
- rich almost orchestral arrangements
- lead melody lazers of «Chymical Wedding Of Christian Rosenkreutz» cut the night around
- firm echoes from the jungle
- how often you hear sounds of harmonic in dance hits?
- this 12″ will shake any club


The Pilotwings — Une Nuit Au Boxboys LP [Macadam Mambo]
Why: guys keep doing what we already love and still surprise us at the same time
Main ingredients:
- spirit of freedom
- Japanese theme adding spice
- sincere look at Chicago house


Nico Motte — Life Goes On If You Are Lucky LP [Antinote]
Why: it’s a romantic library story called Scenes from Life of Paris Swell Society
Main ingredients:
- meditative synthetic landscapes
- drum machine changes the tempo from slo-mo to house rhythm
- dreamers in love hiding under the trees
- changing 25th frame — from Balearci islands to Australian lagoon


The Future Sound Of Forum — Forum EP 12″ [Aiwo Rec]
Why: cool company of Simonic, Schumacher и Lukacz created uncompromising and soulful EP under Forum brand
Main ingredients:
- agave leaves on pillow of acid
- tribal seeds soaked in house tincture
- synths in Hawaiian t-shirts
- groove is in the heart of this music, it really moves you


Der Gotling — G-ZX LP [Mond Musik]
Why: because it’s a rare representative of German synth underground from late 80s risen from the ashes.
Main ingredients:
- sweeping synthetic melodies enfolding the whole globe
- a lot of interesting sound decisions that set off this release from the rest of minimal scene players
- catchy edit from Dunkeltier & Ober Mannkind, true professors of cold wave and minimal sound


HOVE — Journey to Arendal 12″ [Light Of Other Days]
Why: it sounds like a greetings from Canary Islands
Main ingredients:
- air + water + sand + guitar = magic
- simple clear minimal approach
- the level of production is very sophisticated for the debutant so waiting more from this project


Ess O Ess — Cantillate 12″ [Not An Animal]
Why: it’s a real «bang!» from London guys furiously storming mixtapes and DJ sets around the world.
Main ingredients:
- it forces brain to release serotonin
- techno trance remix from Chida dips you into colourful waves of euthoria
- minimalistic, groovy and juicy remix with great bass from Suzanne Kraft


Thesda — Spaced Out LP [Left Ear]
Why: Left Ear brings us the rarest example of avant garde US jazz funk after brilliants from Trinidad and Tobago and Aussie classics
Main ingredients:
- fantastic synthesizer solos
- distinctive sax parts
- pouring vocals like Poseidon’s tears
- interesting historical background of this LP


Toresch — Essen Für Alle 12″ [Offen Music]
Why: astral LP creating fantastic musical structures. Offen Music party continues
Main ingredients:
- ecstatic Viktoria Wehrmeister vocals
- synthetic Detlef’s pendulum in a more sophisticated outlandish form
- deep mysticism
- surprise Gordon Pohl’ appearance in The Hill


Nick Murray & Kris Baha — Besom EP 12″ [Kinfolk]
Why: keep eye (or ear) on this cool duo of banger-makers
Main ingredients:
- disco vibrations and techno races
- reactive guitar as a super weapon
- victorious Tiago’s «dead loop»


Samo DJ, Baba Stiltz, Tzusing — Slice Of Heaven EP 12″ [Public Possession]
Why: what a company fo music heads here!
Main ingredients:
- Triad Board Meeting is sort of house gentility mixed on South and voice of the streets
- even crazier experiments from Baba with whole army of ethereal sounds
- double strike in Hollabackboi


Borusiade — Jeopardy 12″ [Comeme]
Why: it’s a debut of Comeme’ newcomer with interesting Oriental sound
Main ingredients:
- bright ethnix motifs
- rhythm structure and groove remind of Khidja
- painstaking track selection


Maoupa Mazzocchetti — Laugh Tool 12″ [Mannequin]
Why: it’s like Golem of new era ore materialised hero from Philip K. Dick book leads us deeper and deeper into jungle of spectacular electro/minimal synth and EBM
Main ingredients:
- raging bass lines
- dirty punk synthesizers
- labyrinths of noise and industrial buzzing and bubbling colors


Model Man — Hidden Waves EP 12″ [Bordello A Parigi]
Why: ultimate new wave splash from DJ Overdose
Main ingredients:
- a hefty pinch of spacy and power electronics
- acid dolphins emerging from different tracks
- powerful EBM component


Dunkeltier — BAH026 12″ [Bahnsteig 23]
Why: Bahnsteig hits exactly the bullseye with this 12″
Main ingredients:
- free fall illusion in Cruisin
- appetizing electronic body music baked in industrial sleeve
- rebellious mood soaked with energy of 80s

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio