The best records of February 2016


Hugh Mane – Control Drama 12″ [Running Back]
Sexual healing, pterodactyls and VHS tapes. The picture is creating slowly, the effect is getting bigger and bigger. Classic components with twist. It sounds familiar and fascinating at the same time. Road trip on a cabriolet. Violet sunset and Balearic juice. This 12″ controls the dancefloor and warms it for a perfect night.


Suso Saiz – Odisea 2xLP [Music From Memory]
New chapter in Music From Memory encyclopedia of unheard and underappreciated music is fresh and reflective. Suso Saiz is a pioneer new age Spanish composer, his name is known among diggers, Steele Bonus started his podcast for us from Suso debut record. Current MFM compilation covers musician’s solo career. It’s vaguely flashing lighthouse, a landscape sinking in fog, cold autumn sea, simple countryside food. It’s amnesia and attempt to remember


Anzano – Manila Gold 12″ [Vinyls On Wax]
Druggy sexy disco candy from LA. The artwork is a strike, the music is lush. The cosmic rangers armed with synthesisers are back. Acid is trickling, eyes are hidden behind the sunglasses, metal enthusiast Anzano is ruling the carnaval on his debut proper solo 12″. And he’s in fire.


Special Occasion – Big Town 12″ [Born Free]
Born Free boys continue to surprise us with freestyle and brilliant output selection. This time it’s a soundtracky, pop, abstract downtempo mini album of Special Occasion (it’s Enchante & David C Gray). The mood: grey alienating morning in your bedroom, ghosts are hiding in its darkened corners. The songs with vocals sound a bit like Pet Shop Boys or Hot Chip, it’s super simple and childish. There are dirty rough loopy reworks from Maxxxbass on the flipside. Don’t know why but I love this 12″.


Not Waving – Animals 2xLP [Diagonal]
This album is a perfectly shaped murder weapon, post punk thriller in 11 episodes. Londoner Not Waving created the explosive rock-n-rave club music longplay. It’s a trippy, dark, repetitive stuff. Body music at its best, masculine and agressive.


Prins Thomas – Principe Del Norte 4xLP [Smalltown Supersound]
Declared as ambient album, the record slowly transforms into trancey kraut-rock and space techno opera. The third record (E/F sides) is the closest to previous Thomas’ solo works but the whole Principe Del Norte definitely brings something new and fresh into the game. Luxurious cosmic textures, echoes of 90s early electronica albums, epic canvases.

Words, illustrations Sasha Tessio

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