The best records of February 2015


Dan Lissvik – Shuvit! 12″ [Smalltown Supersound]
We’re happy to see our long time hero Dan Lissvik is back into big game! Last year he released one of the strongest LPs of the year under Atelje moniker. This time he’s back on the dancefloors with his outstanding EP on Smalltown Supersound. Airwalk is a slow, guitar-driven, funky, fattrack with catchy vocal hooks, meditative melodies and cool airy effects. It is serious hypnosis and Shuvit on the flipside is a playful one. It is again a house music made with masculine rough samples and vocal loops. You can hear the Studio background of Dan in this record: the melodies are still dramatic, the sound is live and guitar is in the center of the tracks. I love this release right from the first notes, heard it for the first time in Public Possession Boiler Room. I’m a fan of Dan’s work also because of amazing artworks.


Various Artists – Mogul 3 12″ [Themes For Great Cities]
The Mogul 3 is a killer compilation full of energetic rhytms. I was happy to hear my old time favorite Harmonious Thelonious, who is able to admire you with a sophisticated percussion bravado. It is a C filigree, immaculate, breathtaking track able to burn down any party. Kraut galaxis from Al bring you into eternity warmly and galantly. The main thing on this record is Lucas Croon 8. Carsten Dambkes -“Ecke Rolandstrasse”, it fitted perfectly into Lena Willikens mix on XLR8R. It 9 is an enchanting, sharp, like a scalpel, acid dance which turns your moves into shimmering lights. Tim Schumacher ends this perfect release with post-apocalyptic house. It is a morning rush for the most persistent fighters when hallucinations have been completed, but the mind is still disintegrated.


Lucy Cliche – Drain Down 12″ [Noise In My Head]
Crazy, piercing, messianic, unlimited – I can say even more epithets about 2nd release on Noise In My Head. It is a turned upside down punk techno industrial, a feast of weird electric sound. It is an existential explosion, a pure hallucination with background of biblical revelation. There are millions of transformations and experiences, broken barriers, deconstruction of accepted canons inside of these 4 tracks. Drain Down EP is a record-catharsis, a record-Werewolf, it is what you need here and now!


DJ Sotofett – Drippin’ For A Tripp 2xLP [Honest Jon’s Records]
Super productive Sex Tags Mania boss released an album finally. Sort of album. We heard main components of Sotofett’s sound in his Beats in Space radioshow four years ago: tropical, strange and dubby. The side with Lauer is too classic house for me, side C with Karolin Tampere is too African. But his collaboration with Jaakko Eino Kalevi called Ibiza Dub is brilliant, it is an ambient guitar jam full of night air, sounds of birds and smell of Mediterranean sea. And the D side with Gilb’R is a great voodoo palm dance too.


Anton Klint — Drunch EP 12″ [Public Possession]
We’re drinking beer and meeting the sequel of the euphoric releases from Anton Klint on Public Possession. The first track Drunch force your soul surf to ride any suitable wave. It is a carefree, friendly and warm track, it sends you to good old VHS-times, where the real emotions were alive. It is a very stimulating thing for sincere cuddlings on the dancefloor in a company of your best friends. It is a true dove of peace. And the Dessert is more like a psychological thriller, it shoots with fast rhythm and dramatic intriguing melody.


Tornado Wallace – Kangaroo Ground 12″ [Beats In Space]
Kangaroo Ground is a massive, hot, rhythmic extra-ordinary dance on acid. It is a mystical fantasy lifting you up to heaven. Light and sprawling Ferntree Gully balances it, you can see tropic indian patterns there, the rhythm is jumpy and vibrating, it shakes and open new spaces. It is really a brilliant release from unstoppable Tornado.


Various Artists — Heavy Rotation III 12” [Frisbee]
I was amazed to find almost all my favorite obscure disco selectors on one record. Spacelex, Dea and Albion finally reanimated Frisbee Records with ultra reactive release. The intergalactic space flight starts with 77. THen Ric Piccolo creates pampas disco shock with his Marruecos. Albion 8. El Chad adds elite and passionate discorock symphonies in the future dancefloor winner Soubrette. And my favorite here is Abheben from Spacelex, bomb disco geyser, accumulator of pleasure, it opens chakras and tores your mind into small crystalline motes.


D.K. – Love On Delivery 12″ [Antinote]
D.K. released LP on Antinote in 2014 and now he created the poetic picture of the world in the form of mesmeric new-age house. The tonic, sometimes too clean sound leaves an impressive mark in the tunnels of your soul. This music extract is from Eden, clear and plain emotions are guaranteed. I want to soar and dream With the SOUnd Of thjS 12” from DK.


Spaziale – Star Mover 12″ [Forest Jams]
Forest Jams label took the right course right from its first release with edits from Albion. The second release is from well-known rare disco expert Spaziale (check his top-5 for us also). There are three edits permeated with cosmic feel and passion. Vampirella is the most perky here, it will take your heart and will throw it to the satrs! There are funky disco fantasies Star Mover and E.S.P. on the flipside, it is created for energetic mood and soulful atmosphere in a cozy friendly bar.


Soichi Terada — Sounds From The Far East 2xLP [Rush Hour]
Hunee did a great job with this compilation of Soichi Terada’s work. The production of Far East is too good. It’s a melodic, emotional, atmospheric, positive, nostalgic rich house music at its best.

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio