The best records of August 2017

Minimalistic dance music, Arabian Krautrock and watery New Age in the August’ top: Body Language, World Building, Themes For Great Cities, Leaving Records, Couch Acid, Fleisch, Third Try.

Leo James – Punishment Capital 12″ [Body Language]

krossfingers leo james-01

House music with style. Leo James delivered one more record of his cold imposing dance. The opener Punishment is gradual immersion into hypnotic groove, Oriental vocals and promising melody. The beat is so elegant and modest, hi hats stroking year ears. The construction of Steel Eater is more brutal and the bass is so on point, it’s epic sound pursuing you and pointing something in the darkness. The Capital closing EP with melancholic piano chords, crazy sax and restless beats. The sound of Leo is evolving during series of his solo productions on Body Language and this one is one of the best.

One Man’s Quest – Smiling Faces 95 12″ [World Building]

krossfingers one mans quest-01

It’s a debut reissue on Ari Goldman’s World Building. Forgotten house classics from 1995 produced by Bon Vega & Douglas Johnson. New York skyline shining in the deep warm night. Simple as it should be deep jazzy house in four versions: original one, Bassment remix, R&B vocal (my fave) and instruemntal. Afterparty must-have.

Mekine U Teksi – Postanatolische Hybride Die Steppenroboter LP [Themes For Great Cities]

krossfingers Mekine U Teksi-01

Surprising release on Dusseldorf’s imprint. Arne Bunjes brought Murat Goktas and Irfan Derin aka Mekine U Teksi with their Arabian infected debut album. There’s this German driving base peppered with posh beats, percussions, acid, strange instruments and feeling of a narcotic trip. Also killer artwork from Luka Kurashvili, the painter and team member of Salon.

Benedek – Bene’s World LP [Leaving Records]

krossfingers benedek-01

Californian house and synth-pop. Rich bass and syrup melodies floating around it, cheesy synthetic saxophones, the friendliest vibe. Curious downtempo beats. Modern boogie and hip-hop instrumentals. This music evokes some strange feelings sometimes (like in Tuff Luv). And some tracks should be played on a daytime party soon…

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Escape Artist – Lost Time Cassette [Couch Acid]

krossfingers escape artist-01

Here’s a second cassette release of young Melbourne-based label Couch Acid. Al White’ (12th Isle, Firecracker) design catches the eye. Escape Artist opens it with Abesenia – watery new age beauty turning into dreamy house. Clear minimalstic sound is a characteristic of the release. Light textures, gloomy melodies, airy drum-and-bass and percussive workouts. Music for cosmic massage and mental procedures.

Schwefelgelb – Den Umgekehrten Atem 12″ [Fleisch]

krossfingers schweffelberg-01

Killer EP from our fave Berlin duo. Guys’ energy is comprehensive. Heavy but curious EBM beat, jerky commanding vocals and synths everywhere. Dancing with closed eyes, rough moves and strobe lights.

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SFV Acid – Petty Clubber EP 12″ [Third Try]

krossfingers SFV Acid-01

Californian acid maestro is back with some fun. The bulk of the record is abstract funkiness, classic 303 gurgling, unsustainable dance and rhetorical melodies. The vibe reminds the finest examples of Metro Area. The most delicate track is remixed by long-time collaborators Suzanne Kraft, Secret Circuit and SFV Acid himself: the result is more confident structure, cool breaks and head-in-clouds feeling.

Words Sasha Tessio.
Illustrations Turbo Mamba