The best records of August 2016

77% more experiments


Prins Emanuel – Arbete/Fritid 2xLP [Music For Dreams]
Kenneth Bager’s Music For Dreams released a big debut album of Emanuel Sundin aka Prins Emanuel. Its minimalistic name, Work/Leisure in English, reminds labels in underground – Entrance and Exit. But the magic of Prins music is that you can enter it in any point, start from any place. Like Julio Cortazar in his Rayuela novel, Sundin constructs endless chain of live percussion-calimba bridges on which you are jumping like acrobat, balancing between ambient and house/disco vibrations, flexible as bowstring. [Artem Ikra]


Lnrdcroy – Ooze City 12″ [Mood Hut]
The first track meets us with a deep pushy beat, you’re surprised to hear it on the Mood Hut record, but then you forget it while noticing acid bass variations and sharp drum-machines here and there. Seems like it’s a deadlock but vague pad leaves you in the air in the second part of the track till the end dissolving in bassline. Ooze City really describes a slow rhythm of a big smoky city. Aquabus is jumping on the road, but there should be more water. maybe the most interesting track on EP, you wanna hear it to the last note. Kali Yuga ends the record with a mixture of minor deep house, tribal that sometimes is leading and loud, the mystery is disappearing a bit. All three tracks are different but united with a lazy atmospheric flow, sounds of FM-synths, light distortion and noise. Leonard Campbell shows a new important side of his talent on Ooze City, the record sounds like a “summer’16 almost gone” ode. [Bohdan Konakov]


Various Artists – Maizena Boys 12″ [No Hands]
Fresh No Hands label starts from a 12″ of young almost unknown producers Maizena Boys gang, cake from refined cornstatch. The gang is Aarhus-based, young and talented Danish musicians create new combinations, base of which is deep house music. There are blue wave house, reconstructed ambient and drone music in the menu. Fresh blood and principle of Roman infantry tactics called Turtle – all tracks are good as parts of one project and each is individually good. [Artem Ikra]


Various Artists – Volume 1 12″ [P-Balans]
P-Balans is a new sub-label of a cult Romanian Future Nuggets, releasing techno music. The start track is from photographer and producer Camil Dumitrescu aka The Holy Fix. Flying high acid-oriental melody wanders above the cold minimalistic beat in it. Sure there is a new thing from workaholics Khidja, percussion universe based on a sticky rhythm and strange guitar structures flying through it. You can’t go by maybe the most martial track on the record – acid techno march from Borusiade, who already released stuff on Comeme and Correspondant in 2016. The final accord is ornate multistage Re-Velvet from Utopus aka Ion Dumitrescu, where the ethnic vibe is the brightest.


Beesmunt Soundsystem – Afterglow 12″ [Church]
Two boys from Amsterdam are releasing one record in a year, creating their own specific world of deep house music with a breakbeat flavour. The first track, Afterglow, is a good example of psychedelic down house with melancholic dramatic melody recovered from memories about past love. The next is Opium, imposing tribal downtempo story. Remix on Afterglow decorates the record with ambient mood. We also admitted a healthy proportion of house, electro and acid in First Timer, it’s what we need. [Artem Ikra]


Pussy Mothers – The Number 1 EP 12″ [Optimo Music]
Australian-Scottish duo rushed energetically into Optimo empire. So what did catch us in this 12″? The powerful instrument linked the whole single is intoxicating female vocals. Cold percussions creates clear electronics, deep and catchy nu-disco, occult minimal and even jazzy funk. Slowly pacing with a proud posture Pussy Mothers will steal heart of any fan of metallic tropics with ease of Maya priests. [Artem Ikra]


Broken English Club – Myth Of Steel & Concrete 7″ [Death & Leisure]
Oliver Ho is an artist with bottomless trunk of killer ideas and new forms of producing. He screwed two radically accumulative tracks in this 7″ with one common thing – invariable deep trance effect. He’s stringing melting pieces of industrial, broken acid and melodic noise on a pervasive drum rhythm in Myth. Our History In Bones has also ritual sound, there are broken depressive wave cutting into a cold manipulative vocals. [Artem Ikra]


Various Artists – MDM D 12″ [Mmodemm]
The avant-gardists on the edge of experimental techno and house, Mmodemm from Frankfurt, presents a new compilation. Proiducers on it already released stuff on labels like Privacy and Nick Klein – the biggest musical ridge, alpha and omega of a new house. Grinded synth techno neighbors to electro industrial, acid and EBM derivatives – to fuming house transformations. [Artem Ikra]

Words Artem Ikra, Bohdan Konakov
Illustrations Sasha Tessio