The best records of August 2015

Dear readers, we rebuilt our top for your convenience: now you can listen and add records to your Juno cart straight from our page! Yeah, and summer ended grandly: we got disco bomb from our Moscow friends, killer reissues from Estonia, Australia and US and some crazy industrial techno, check it out!


Lipelis – Lipelis Edits 12” [L.I.E.S.]
Why: it’s the best dance record of 2015 at the moment (kick our ass & email us if you have other opinion)
Main ingredients:
+ guys, you all know it, three killer edits made by Lipelis with help of his friends Lipsky bros, Holkin and Mark Schedrin
+ Thai crazyness
+ sweet, deep, tender “I said Oooooo”
+ young, sexy, powerful disco bongo and sticky “It’s alright to fuck all day/night”
+ simple but effective bass line (yeah, Leonid love to use it)


Heidy Tamme /Tiit Paulus – Suvi 7″ [Frotee]
Velly Joonas – Stopp, Seisku Aeg! 7″ [Frotee]

Why: tunes from 1980s defined our summer in 2015
Main ingredients:
– 3 of 4 tunes are covers of some soul funk numbers
– Text about summer on Suvi 7″
– Beautiful heart-warming female vocals
– Brilliant acoustic guitar masterpiece from Tiit Paulus
– Warm naive arrangements
– Immaculate package


The Naturals – On The Way (To The Laughing Light Of Plenty) 2xLP [Emotional Response / STD]
Why: we all have it in our wishlists for 5 years, we can’t wait anymore!
Main ingredients:
+ mezcal
+ geniuses of Eddie and Thom
+ innovative rock-n-roll
+ sense of humour
+ good carefree mood
+ proto house monster The Rose
+ good old guitars, drums and bass
+ a bit of country and cowboy hat


Braden Schlager – On The Moon 12″ [Efficient Space]
Why: Michael Kucyk from NIMH launched Efficient Space label With killer reissue from 1990
Main ingredients:
– true analogue weirdness of early 90s house
– piano lines
– a lot of air and space
– warm feeling
– Balearic spirit in previously unreleased King Of Comedy


V.A. – Tracks Volume 1 12″ [Cititrax]
Why: we had no chance to pass by new record from An-1, then we admitted other guys here. Not bad at all
Main ingredients:
+ uncompromised electro from Amato
+ another sickness from Lee Doug
+ hard acid techno King Of System
+ dizzy Glass from Broken English Club
+ banging unstoppable monstrous 12″ for long sweaty nights


Cowboy Rhythmbox – Fantasma 12″ [Phantasy Sound]
Why: we love unboring industrial techno
Main ingredients:
– metal clicks
– banging beat
– rudimentary melodies
– groove
– hi-hats, hi-hats, hi-hats
– repetition

Words and illustrations Sasha Tessio

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