The best records of August 2014


Ess 0 Ess – Re-Enter 12″ [Ene]
Ene’s finally back With something special after long pause. The label is back in the game with Re-Enter 12” and it’s the best dance record of 2014 to this date in my opinion. Guys from Ess 0 Ess created balearic (again!) but not cheesy track, it feels a bit like International Feel in 2009-2010: smokey, guitar, epic number. You really feel power and potential in it, the original track is great. But the flip side of the record is mind-blowing ! It’s perfect from start to end. Man Power injected in original a huge dose of energy, masculinity, asynchronous details, catchy tech-house beats, bass fire. The remix is a prime-time dancefloor banger. So huge thanks to Chida, James Blanco, Chris Stoker and Man Power for the great release it was worth waiting !


Anton Klint – Spritzer 12″ [Public Possession]
Public Possession is again on top and we just can’t stand it. This time PP guys published musical magic from Anton Klint. The first part of the Spritzer EP is absolutely enchanting fiesta. Everything sounds so huge, colorful and incredibly hypnotic. I can name it as heroic house. It’s a real primetime thriller. Regarding the second part, it is more intimate, romantic and perfect as a morning vibe. The Spritzer is a success, we need more

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio

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