The best records of April 2017

More than half of the April’s top you can buy in digital: save the USBs and WAVs!

Jan Van Den Broeke – 11000 Dreams LP [Stroom]

Krossfingers Records Of April 2017 Jan Ven Den Broeke Stroom

This month we have one more great retrospective, this time of Belgian artist. This country is opening its rich musical background these days. Forgotten, rare, “not on label” stuff (in terms of Discogs), cassettes, limited edition, also from the 80s. 11000 Dreams is a compilation of different projects of Jan Van Den Broeke: his solo under June 11 moniker, The Misz project with Dries Decocker (they released 4 synthwave in the middle of the 80s on Misztapes). Of course there are tracks from Absent Music alongside Joëlle De Bock, Philippe Van Keymeulen and Renée Lodewyckx. Our musical bro Ziggy Devriendt compiled this private minimal synth, new age and abstract craziness on our fave Belgian imprint Stroom. There are a lot of very minimalistic, touching, candid and personal songs, like My Lesbian Girlfriends, for example, fragile synthetic preach. Or The Monkey House, true Balearic house vibe, quality and fresh sound. Guys were adding darbuka, shakers, guitars and of course synths somewhere. The music of genius. Who Is Still Dreaming made me cry, it’s a true hymn of every unstoppable searcher, the music of whom we’ll write – timeless music.

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Akis – Space Time & Beyond: Selected Works 1986-2016 2xLP [Into The Light]

Krossfingers Records Of April 2017 Akis Into The Light-01

Into the Light brings out another epic compilation – this time it spans 30 years of Akis Daoutis’ musical career. Most of the tracks are previously unreleased or almost impossible to find, recorded mostly in his hometown and in USA where he was studying in the mid-eighties. The music is far lighter than Dimitris Petsetakis or George Theodorakis released earlier, but it’s again mostly ambient, new age inlaid with experiments on synthesizers. The music for getting into trance and getting out from it into enlightenment. Erotica refreshes the sound after 4 ambient pieces with some early 90s Balearic with saxes and gorgeous sounds of stones rolling in the water. The A-side finishes on a funny note with sort of new age samba dance called At Sirius. Space, Time & Beyond is a highlight on the B-side: flute and warm keys brings lazy mood of never-ending summer. The second vinyl is darker and more experimental with highlight at New Age Rising (Part VIII). Tako and Ilias keep releasing eternal records.

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Zarkoff & Co – Iron Flute 12″ [Return To Disorder]


Helena Hauff is one of the key figures in modern dance culture and her label Return To Disorder gains a lot of attention. On its 6th release, Helena released Croatian producer Zarkoff and his friends. As you can expect, it’s a dark electro acid stuff in which Hauff is an expert. An opener, Waiting Room Elegy, is a winner: a combination of jumping beat, dangerous melody and contradictory acid lines is a perfect start for a set. Next track, Zarkoff’s collaboration with HPX and LCN, Iron Flute is a heavy dirty industrial grinding your mind and its strange melody with its stones. Transceiver is a synthetic trap with drilling sounds. And the last track is a diabolical hymn. We need more!

DJ Normal 4 & Bufiman – The 5 Elements EP Pt. 1 12″ [Aiwo rec.]

Krossfingers Records Of April 2017 DJ Normal 4 Bufiman Aiwo Rec-01

Amazing Aiwo rec. crew celebrated success with huge demand on the debut Forum record last year. This month they are back with another dynamite 12″ – it’s a first part of a collaboration between our faves DJ Normal 4 and Bufiman. Oh my goodness. Bufiman’s remix of Wind Spell is a solid Remix Of 2017 contender. New agey ultraviolet atmosphere, classic Jan’s primeval vocal samples, live and breathing break beat, a lot of sunshine, some extra unknown bird voice giving that crazy hook, impressive breakdown, oh man! True emotions in an original musical form made by geniuses. What else we have here? Moody Water Delusions opens the record. Heavy tribal with jaw harp and basic 90s house keys in Dance Of The Toads. And also atmospheric slash drum-n-bass remix from Schumacher on Wind Spell.

Zillas On Acid – Back To The Beast 12″ [100 Years Of Solid Dudes]

Krossfingers Records Of April 2017 Zillas On Acid 100 Years Of Solid Dudes-01

It’s a debut vinyl record from our long-time secret fave label 100 Years Of Solid Dudes. Serious business with rough drum machines and fat bass lines. The composition is minimal, the effect is maximum. The tech house beat rolls you under the ground. It’s hard to choose fave in the three original Zillas’ tracks. Going Into Trance is more reactive and repetitive, Back To The Beats is an absolute bass monster, king of the dancefloor, while Back To The Beast is a perfect introduction to 100 Years Of Solid Dudes sound. And don’t forget to add brilliant not-giving-a-fuck artwork!

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Franco Nanni – Elicoide 2xLP [Affordable Inner Space]

Krossfingers Records Of April 2017 Franco Nanni Affordable Inner Sounds-01

Just heard this record in a recent show on NTS Radio with Tako and Jamie Tiller and the next day got the promo in my email wavs 🙂 It’s a rare album of Franco Nanni, Italian psychologist and musician, author of Italo Disco hit. Affordable Inner Space re-released Elicoide in a premium package plus one vinyl of bonus material. Delicate ambient with crystal clear sounds, moody strings, cinematic feel, Japanese traditional elements and your deepest memories.

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Jex Opolis – Ravines LP [Good Timin’]

Krossfingers Records Of April 2017 Jex Opolis Good Timin-01

One of our heroes Jex Opolis released his debut album on his own label Good Timin’. If you are familiar with Jex’ music you should know how talented he’s in melody-making and this album is a perfect example of it. Actually Jex himself described this album was “birthed through a desire to explore melody and traditional pop structures”. The first track brings Wally Badarou and Todd Terje in mind. Its new age atmospheres, simple beats and melody gives this unique uplifting emotion, just a perfect start for the record. Laid back guitar and recognisable bass line in La Bellaca. Deep house Ravines with ornaments made on old school gear. Slow acid groove, warm keys in Wake Up. Every instrument is in the right place. Cave Dancer sounds like an instrumental from 80s disco record. The Ravines is an essence of Jex Opolis style.

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Solitary Dancer – Dualism 12″ [Dark Entries]

Krossfingers Records Of April 2017 Solitary Dancer Dark Entries-01

Confident modern techno record from San Francisco. Solitary Dancer is not-so-known figure and it’s just his second 12″. But it’s so good right from the start that catch our ear. Hi-hats making its job very fine here, moving everything in the direction we all need. Hard interesting techno with elements of electro and post-punk aesthetics. Marie Davidson vocal appears on the B-side in techno ballad Emails 2 Myself. Dualism is a solid work that will appear in some energetic moments on many dancefloors around the world soon.

Words Artem Ikra (1), Sasha Tessio (2-8)
Illustrations Turbo Mamba

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