The best records of April 2016


J.A.K.A.M. – Rebirth 12″ [Malka Tuti]
Juzu aka Moochy is a well known house artist from Japan. It was interesting to listen his special, full of percussion sounds, record on Malka Tuti. The hit here is Rebirth. Mighty, wild like thunder. The second bomb is Guidance, it grabbed our attention with sounds of bells and especially with bass. Dreems took this crazy bass as a centerpiece in his classic, epic remix. Do not miss also fantastic podcast from Malka Tuti’ boss Katzele, the label is on fire atm.


Sharif Laffrey – Key Jam A.C.I.D. 12″ [Love On The Rocks]
It’s a rare 12″ from Sharif and it’s brilliant as every previous ones. There are everything you need to have a great time on the dancefloor. Acid, hot proto-house rhythms with a pinch of electro. Synths and vocal samples sound like from the golden era of acid house. It’s a thriller, bravo Para and Sharif!


Wulffius – In The Pines’ Crowns 12″ [Wicked Bass]
We are happy to introduce you to the sound of Wulffius, one of the most interesting Ukrainian young producers. I heard his liveset in Odessa, and I was surprised with his talent and power. Dmitrij’s music is geometrical and accurate, covered with a gentle layer of psychedelia. My favorite is Raindrops On The Window Sill, where non-standard solo synth pieces are squeezed through juicy house rhythms. The whole release are filled with some island fantasy and sea spirit.


Workdub – Workdub EP 12″ [Music From Memory]
It looks like Music From Memory bought season ticket to our top 🙂 But guys are still introducing us to exceptional unheard music. Workdub amazed us with their experiments, ethno-synth pop sound, mix of house, jazz, early electronics and space.


Bernardino Femminielli ‎– Plaisirs Américains LP [Mind Records]
It was obvious that upcoming LP from Femminielli will be a bomb just after premiere of Boys’Trottoir video. Bernardino is a man-orchestra, partly theatrical, partly carnival, with a deep drama, nostalgia of 80s plus rock-n-roll energy inside. His voice is astonishing, sort of loud whisper like Serge Gainsbourg’ with his sexuality. Femminielli explodes, creates multilayered musical provocation. And listen to his texts – it’s a voice of talented, thinking, scandalous poet.


Laila – The Other Me 12″ [Deewee]
Every release on Deewee, label of Dewaele brothers, is remarkable and grabs our attention. This time talented and charismatic Laila Sakini is in the game. Her vocals creates very cozy and comfortable place in your head. Deep fresh house vibrations are combined perfectly with Laila’s voice. I’m one of people who want to listen this record again and again.


Wilson Tanner – 69 LP [Growing Bin]
The artwork for 69 reminds some 70s British folk rock covers. But the record is modern from ethereal duo of Andy Wilson and John Tanner aka Eleventeen Eston. Their musical experiment sounds encouraging, blossoming, green, colourful. Tanner’s clarinet and guitar play big roles here. Wilson’s synths and pianos sound just perfect. Hamburg finest Basso released one more beautiful record on his Growing Bin imprint and who knows, maybe this record will become a real digger British Guyane in 20 years.


Facit – Mandag Mon Amour 12″ [Waving Hands]
Swedish duo of Karlsson and Nestor stands out in modern synth scene. Their music is a synthesis of vagueness, mysteries, riddles and fairy tales. It’s intimate. And their music is not for everyone. Spine minimalist synths, insinuating vocals and trusting, romantic-melancholic mood, sometimes under effect of robo-disco. It’s a story of love, which you should protect and cherish.

Words Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio

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