The best records of 2015

We say bye to a past year with selection of 15 our favourite records from 2015. It was intense, sometimes hard but super interesting year. Huge thank to all our friends, readers and contributors. More to come in 2016! Your KF team


15. Heidy Tamme, Tiit Paulus — Suvi 7″ [Frotee]
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Frotee gets in our tops third year in a row. In 2015 we were happy to open this melancholic romantic 7” produced by Tiit Paulus. His guitar turns your dreams into something material, soft and gentle and makes you so sincere company. Discogs’ users identified it as soul, it’s a very silky, deep and hidden release. I think, the core of Suvi is love making listeners more harmonic and sunny.


14. Dude Energy — Dude Energy 12″ [Animals Dancing]
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Diego Herrera smashed our heads, he sent deadly electric impulse right in our minds, frozen our hearts. The Renee Running is an ice cold polyhedron, it floats in oily liquid, it’s shimmering from inside with violet and lime green light, the polyhedron is moving super quick and it’s dangerous. Don’t touch it! Some Desire has more chill vibe, there is sun of LA inside of it, I like the experimental beat structure of these new creatures of Diego. It’s really really a new fresh word in dance music (hate the word «house music»). Want to admit also Animals Dancing is the most promising label of this year in our opinion, guys put out 2 records and both are bangers, so we’re waiting more!


13. The Gnocchi — Snaker 005 LP [Snaker]
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Kazuhiro Nozaki, amazing owner of 10 Inches Of Pleasure Records, musician and collector, released compilation of his library inspired tracks on Snaker. There are strange drum and unusual percussion cutting, something sounds like atari reggae or chip tune dub, synth-funk chaos and harmonious slow dance. Slow analog joy leads you into Japanese electronics paradise. Swwet Music Hard Lights & You sounds especially good, it draws incredible mental pirouettes. Nice & Hard amazes you with its authenticity and leads you to tropics. 8-beat artefact Summer Hard etches in your mind. It’s a striking collector’s pleasure created for record shelf of every true digger!


12. Various — Mogul 3 12″ [Themes For Great Cities]
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The Mogul 3 is a killer compilation full of energetic rhytms. I was happy to hear my old time favorite Harmonious Thelonious, who is able to admire you with a sophisticated percussion bravado. It is a C filigree, immaculate, breathtaking track able to burn down any party. Kraut galaxis from Al bring you into eternity warmly and galantly. The main thing on this record is Lucas Croon 8. Carsten Dambkes -»Ecke Rolandstrasse», it fitted perfectly into Lena Willikens mix on XLR8R. It 9 is an enchanting, sharp, like a scalpel, acid dance which turns your moves into shimmering lights. Tim Schumacher ends this perfect release with post-apocalyptic house. It is a morning rush for the most persistent fighters when hallucinations have been completed, but the mind is still disintegrated.


11. Powder — Spray 12″ [Born Free]
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Young and talented Powder debuted this summer on super hot Swedish imprint Born Free. Her music is very futuristic, nerdy and at the same playful and infantile, it really sounds like the game with rhythms, textures, metal and plastic boxes. The sounds are very physical, sometimes liquid, sometimes dry and hollow. Objects are dancing, overturning, breaking apart, breathing. The approach is super minimal, almost the whole 12″ is a percussion jam. It’s perfect for long, trancey, smoky nights. And I’m looking forward to more audio experiments from this young Japanese in 2016.


10. Nikolaienko — The Sounds Of Pseudoscience LP [Muscut]
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Our dear friend from Kiev Dmytro Nikolaenko made a giant step forward with his label Muscut. Started from 7″ with experimental Ukrainian music now he released solo album selling in Red Light Records and Public Possession. As a fan of electronic music pioneers and experimenters, Dmytro created his own very intimate synthesized galaxy. You can feel his attention to details, to every single sound, pad and drum kick. And because of it it’s a very fun to listen album. The Sounds of Pseudoscience is a perfect cocktail of space ambient with ice, delicate percussions, under-water rhythms and echoes of Soviet 60s.

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09. Dimitris Petsetakis — Endless LP [Into The Light]
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For me Endless LP sounds like a field recording from millions years ago when our planet was dark, strange, thickly populated with ugly creatures. The earth is wet and sticky, the steam is climbing to the gloomy clouds. It’s a state of permanent twilight. In some pieces like Troy War you see lonely figures dancing in animals skins around fire. In Nearxi I see a huge aboriginal tribe worshiping to gods somewhere on the bank of some jungle river. The whole album is a mystic, dark trip to a very distant shores of our minds.


08. Rex Ilusivii — In The Moon Cage 2xLP [Offen Music]
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I’m happy for maestro Vladimir Ivcovic this record is finally out and the magic trip is started. You will find rare archive recordings of Serbian electronic experimenter Mitar Subotic on this mysterious esoteric masterpiece. This record is a revelation, a real elixir of wisdom. Shamanic chants and lullabies from folk encountered in the synthesized ecstasy. There is this feeling when you are flying and every atom of your body is filled with light. You are passing through a galaxy of unprecedented dimensions in a short period of time. It is an endless cycle of reincarnations and updates. The wisdom of Earth and Heavenly sacraments in an elegant vinyl carafe.


07. TMO — Insomniac EP 12″ [Public Possession]
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Lipelis won our hearts for good and all after we saw his live. Leonid is an Artist, you can make sure with vieos floating around Facebook. Biggest hits from his epic live on some festivals and parties this summer were released on our beloved Public Possession. Harmonic, psychedelic techno trance Melodic Jam is a headliner here, a constantly elusive dream every of us following. Pure magic from the master


06. Gaussian Curve — Clouds LP [Music From Memory]
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This record is spring. Some unknown ingredient comes through the opened window with sounds of the streets and singing birds. Three geniuses are on the same wave of mind. And they are answering hard question “what is improvisation?” with their music. The answer we heard from Marco is “magic”. Daydreaming, childish, contemporary, palpable. I needed some time to get into this album, and finally I did. For me, this masterpiece from Gaussian Curve became a precursor of coming spring.


05. Joel Graham — Geomancy 12″ [Music From Memory]
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This year Jamie Tiller & co surprised us again with their output on Music From Memory: experimental electronics, proto techno, lo-fi funk. You understand that the universe they’re digging is far far bigger and deeper. And the journey of the label seems endless. This 12″ is a re-release of two pieces from Joel Graham’s Under Terra Cotta LP from 1985. Both tracks are dark, experimental, deep, other worldly, like a soundtrack to some horror movie. There’s a audio video mirage in the middle, shining and twisting, some psychic impulse sent to future. This music is a mechanical bird flying upon the Ibiza towards Netherlands.


04. Jonathan Fitoussi, Clemens Hourriere — Five Steps LP [Versatile]
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First class rhythmical experiments with analogue equipment. The sound of the album reminded me Roland Bocquet Paradia LP. It’s slow, very well detailed sound and deep. You are stopping your breath while listening to this album. Some themes dip you into a bath with liquid horror (Ice Stalactite), sometimes you feel as a boardman on a spaceship from old sci-fi movie (Five Steps) and even as a participant of Jacques-Yves Cousteau expedition to a far unknown boards (Dreammachine). Super deep stuff, it’s a must-have.


03. Lipelis — Lipelis Edits 12″ [L.I.E.S.]
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Remember summer evening when we heard testpressing of this 12” in Leonid’s appartments. It blown our minds! Then we played Weirdshit again and again after Young Marco dropped it on epic Milan’s Boiler Room. We wondered how cool and unobtrusive the voice of that Thai boy (or girl?) sounds placed into leftfield disco package. Rumours is a special treat — light, romantic and relaxed. Soft rock vocals and poignant guitar in an embrace with synth-funk turn into gold. We love especially It’s alright from the b-side — powerful tropical carnival with crazy drums and firm acid lines. Thank you Ron Morelli for bravery to put it out on L.I.E.S. and thank you Leonid for patience ;) Epic edits


02. Syracuse — Liquid Silver Dream LP [Antinote]
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First Syracuse record from 2012 is still good and actual. It was a stumbling-stone for me, it changed my point of view on music. Whole 2015 (and not just it) I was following every gig of these two beautiful people, soaking their music and wondering when I will be able to put my hands on their record, give it to my father to listen or play on a party. For example that cult Boiler Room always working as an antidepressant for me. Beautiful, insightful, burning and passionate voice of Isabel and fantastic synthesisers of silent Antoine create sort of different parallel universe, that universe where senses are sharpened and love is your best friend. These flowers blossomed into mighty empire under attentive wing of Zaltan. Your hearts will become bigger because of this Masterpiece!


01. Tolouse Low Trax — Rushing Into Water 12″ [Themes For Great Cities]
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Our favorite record in 2015 comes from Dusseldorf’s wizard Tolouse Low Trax. Every release from Salon Des Amateurs’ boss attracts our attention. Tolouse is a master of shamanic, mechanical, geometric compositions. Crunchy, electric, crazy and powerful industrial slow tempo burners. Rushing Into Water is warming up, In Quicksilver drilling into your head and Reserves To Talk is an ultimatum. Join the journey with our number One.

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