The best records of 2014

We adore vinyl. And we chose 16 best records from 2014. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas folks! Thank all friends, musicians, readers, contributors and drinking buddies! Thank all who supported, read, listened and collaborated with us. Peace, love and hugs to you all. Your Krossfingers team 🙂

16. Elektra – Keegi 7″ [Frotee]
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The record was included in our top of May
When I heard a snippet of Elektra – Keegi, I knew – this is a favorite. This can not be missed. There is an awesome melodic level close to ideal. It’s some sort of a soul fighter. Track Meid Kaasa Muusika Viib reminds the theme song of some movie where the main character goes on sunny streets of N, the ladies are singing on both sides of the street, and he’s rushes to the date with his beloved of course. It’s an absolutely cheerful, playful and carefree disco song. My advice – buy carefully and as quick as possible! [Artem Super Ikra]


15. Full Circle – Back To Disco Valley 12″ [Crowdspacer]
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The record was included in our top of January
It’s something deep and unheard back from the early 90s. At this time Alexis Le-Tan (he’s an originator of the Full Circle project alongside Joacim) was experimented with trance records on the wrong speed. The record doesn’t sound cheesy at all. It’s heavy, dangerously explosive stuff. It’s a slow acid bomb and we love it! [Sasha Tessio]


14. Bufiman – Running EP 12″ [Versatile]
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The record was included in our top of October
Tornado record from Dusseldorf-based Bufiman conquered the listeners love even before the official release. Running is a crazy clavinet attack based on a powerful disco beat, it’s super drive! There is shamanic musical diversion behind the Kalvier track, it’s a deftly synthesized instruction for calling spirits from the mysterious forest. Jan has built a wigwam percussion in assertive, mystical, serpentine Bonobobeat, which ends in a triumphant march of Versatile 12’’. Outstanding, multifaceted, constantly improving monstrously musical plastic Jan Schulte is still building his monumental kingdom of sound. This record is the best proof. [Artem Super Ikra]


13. Henry Gilles – Collected Works Part 01 12″ [Public Possession]
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The record was included in our top of October
For me Munich became a world capital of nonstandard musical minds today. Another Bavarian unknown hero got out of the shadow: Henry Gilles is almost newcomer, Collected Works Part 01 is his second output. But the record is mature, I need to admit. The name of Gilles is the biggest thing I remember from Public Possession RA mix: I was amazed by the power of his music, by its imposing confidence. The highest point of the record is Exploring, A2 track, it reminds me Lee Douglas’ DJ-set in Kiev this year: its euphoric feeling, tribal groove with some Asian flavours (maybe Lee played the promo, hehe). The key thing for me in this 12” is the combination of 90s synth harmonies with modern catchy beat structure. And also want to say: only Marvin and Valentino can create record artwork with such asymmetrical emplacement of graphic elements in our time of perfect design 🙂 [Sasha Tessio]


12. A.r.t. Wilson ‎– Overworld LP [Growing Bin]
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The record was included in our top of May
To be honest everything made by Andy is insanely cool and damn cute in all aspects: selection, production, submission, design and style in general. At first this release was issued by the musician by himself on the tape, but later appeared in the form of vinyl as the second release on the label of Basso. This record is created to soar above the earth, the universe, rise above all material and blissfully contemplate. In a nutshell, the Overworld lifts us to the seventh heaven. [Artem Super Ikra]


11. Joan Bibiloni – El Sur LP [Music From Memory]
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There’re grooves from cassette tapes from Ibiza in ’89 that sound like Alan Parsons in Hawaiian shirt, loud melodramatic evening disco, guitar ballads about future life, colorful summer jams, sitting in cool shadow of lush trees, crazy synthetic percussion tales, picturesque Jose on the mic. The Bibiloni record is very emotional, bright and diverse, MFM team and Joan did fantastic job. I can play this record without skipping from start to end in my favorite bar in Kiev, the bar where you presented it to me Jamie, thank you! [Sasha Tessio]


10. Obalski – Introducing Obalski 12″ [Public Possession]
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The record was included in our top of April
It’s another bullet from Public Possession. It’s like an injection of liquid synthesized tropics directly into the bloodstream. It’s a penetrating psychological thriller. There are exciting, rough, bubbling vibrations. It’s a split ambient from the wood thicket. It’s somewhere beyond good and evil. It’s an absolute creation. Bravo Dominik! [Artem Super Ikra]


09. Mariam The Believer ‎– Invisible Giving (Wolf Müller Remixes) 12″ [Emotional Especial]
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This 12″ is the biggest remix of 2014 in my opinion. It was a great year for one of our favourite German producers – Jan Schulte. The man made his firm percussion tropical marching groove here, re-wrote bass line (hope I’m right here), made the song more solid, compact and puposeful. Song of Mariam The Believer got more drama and trance vibrations. The song amazingly depicts the boldness and feminity, delicacy of Mariam’s voice. The drum explosions and pauses are in the right places, light blinds you in peak-time dancing. And of course, Young Marco promoted this record in the best way on this year Dekmantel & Boiler Room set 😉 [Sasha Tessio]


08. Bastedos / A.M. / Last Waltz – Sit On This 12″ [Bastedos]
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The record was included in our top of October
Lost from 2011 spacey No Smoking On The Moon (AM edit) is finally released on vinyl. The first time I heard this thing I was totally unconscious and in full satisfaction from the Strichka festival, CA Ramirez should play it there. This song has become something of a national anthem of the event for me, it is deeply etched in my memory with its ecstasy vocals and fabulous disco sound. Nostalgia is impeccably breathing from it, you know it even if it is not heard at all. By the way there is another my favorite on this 12’’ – Sit On This, it’s confident and tuned for the peak of the party. There are brazen perky female voice, guitar explosions and arrows of insidious piano ascends you to the eighth sky. The song Magicke is managed by saxophone like blade, there are alarming and intriguing voices, bubbling beat. This pearlescent, iridescent, chameleon-like edit-sketch has all chances to become the perfect entry for the best parties around the world. As a result, Bastedos is on the level incomparable to anything else in the era of edit garbage. They did it, bravo! [Artem Super Ikra]


07. Atelje – Meditation LP [Vinyl Export]
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The record was included in our top of November
It’s a first solo album of Swedish modest genius Dan Lissvik under his new moniker Atelje. Dan is a very talented musician, I’m a fan of his melodramatic epic Studio LPs on Information, it was a golden era of nu disco. The sound of Atelje is more mature, contemplative but still very rich and sophisticated. There are some elements of Japanese traditional music in it, little live percussion jams, epic lonely guitar moments, dark tango moves, there’s something very strong and healthy in this music. Meditation LP is a perfect soundtrack for the clear view of Alps in my imagination 🙂 [Sasha Tessio]


06. Vangelis Katsoulis ‎– The Sleeping Beauties: A Collection of Early and Unreleased Works LP [Into The Light]
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The record was included in our top of March
Liquid sounds, live water, the music you can touch. Earth Beat is very shamanic, dark in the beginning, you’re in the landscapes from Fitzcaraldo movie, ethnic music of drums, people in masks are around you. My favourite piece is the Eternal Return: dance around glass of water, strange voices of your ancestry, talk with bright colourful birds, say hi to parrot on my shoulder. Guitar in Longing makes me cry. Katsoulis’ LP is a compilation of fresh air, bright sun, and oily green tropical jungle. It’s a cyclic as our life. It’s brilliant with no doubt. It’s as clear as the sky over Greece, as deep as the sea around the island where this music was born. [Sasha Tessio]


05. Coober Pedy University Band – Kookaburra 12″ [Animals Dancing]
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The record was included in our top of July
Animals Dancing is one of the best parties in Australia. Its organizers have launched eponymous label and the debut release is from COOBER PEDY UNIVERSITY BAND. Wonder bird Kookaburra is vocal and it’s quite brilliantly featured in the center of the original track, but also it was a symbol of the Summer Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000. Amazing record, we can say it’s the future projection of the Australian sound. Especially it sounds good in prime-time: Lee Douglas proved it, when he played at the June LOW party in Kiev. I believe that the Kookaburra is an essential thing in any jukebox. It’s a rare occasion of a successful combination of a great concept and brilliant execution. [Artem Super Ikra]


04. George Theodorakis ‎– The Rules Of The Game: Original Studio Recordings (1978-1996) 2xLP [Into The Light]
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The record was included in our top of September
I’m hunting for every release from Into The Light label. The level of confidence to Tako’ and Pitsios’ selection abilities is very high. The guys present almost unknown Greek geniuses to music lovers from all over the world. This time we got in our hands a compilation of works of George Theodorakis. It’s a 2xLP release and there are very diverse stuff inside: vocal rock numbers, dark melancholic ambient, organic electronics, echoed dusty drum machines, Tangerine Dream-like patterns and sounds, strange slow synthesiser tango, and epic 9 minutes long journeys into space. The talent of Theodorakis is huge, the compilation is very sophisticated, The Rules Of The Game is a must-have for every real musical freak! [Sasha Tessio]


03. Jonathan Kusuma – Gong 3000 12″ [I’m A Cliche]
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The record was included in our top of November
We’re still impressed by piano killer Nostoi released on Turn On Plastic and now Jonathan Kusuma put out another masterpiece, maybe the best dance record of the year, on I’m A Cliche. Gong 3000 is among few records, where there are no faded spot. All tracks are very good and unconventional. The Grand Search is a great example of incredible space odyssey with sticky piano motive. Gong 3000 is a real nuclear electro bomb, it sounds a bit like Full Denm Jacket by Black Merlin. And of course Street Siren is the craziest one, it’s an uncompromising electronic chase with skreaming police cars, chase for dance euphoria, crispy techno symphony. Also want to admit monstrous, dark bedouin style remix of Siren by kings of genre Black Merlin and Gordon “Kunstkopf” Pohl. Go Kusuma go! [Artem Super Ikra]


02. Gigi Masin – Talk To The Sea 2xLP [Music From Memory]
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The record was included in our top of January
January 2014 brought us the long-awaited, epic and truly modern classic record from Gigi Masin. There are no words, terms and concepts for Gigi’s music – it is perfect. It is beautiful and organic as a natural phenomenon. It pours and breathes. And, if there is an absolut in our world, the roots of its existence are in Masin’s music. You want to return to this record indefinitely. I even thought about the fact that there is some field of harmony of Masin and if you are not able to experience it in all its glory, then your taste in music is just dust and rubble. Thanks to this record Gigi’s art got second life, we saw him in a couple of super interesting side-projects this year. Happy to see Gigi, a man with a huge heart, finally got recognition. It’s a timeless record! [Artem Super Ikra]


01. C.P.I. – El Túnel/Proceso 12″ [Hivern Discs]
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Hugo Capablanca and Marc Pinol deliver! This 12″ is a perfect fusion of techno and krautrock. Acid enters your mind, you are blade runner man, it’s not a safe journey at all, follow this car with red lights, it’s raining, it’s cold outside but the only thing you need is to follow the car and to understand where you will get in the end. El Tunel is the most hypnotic club record of this year, I played it on every single Krossfingers party. I feel the smell of melting plastic when the record is playing, holy shit it’s fantastic! [Sasha Tessio]


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