Podcast 84: Shiny Boots (Sasha Grishin)

Do you know Sasha Grishin? He’s keeping his profile underground but be sure he’s one of the best, just check his Instagram to understand how crazy he’s about records. For us he was a mysterious guy till last summer when we finally met him in his Moscow flat. It’s sort of musical laboratory where you can lost in time like Rip Van Winkle, his place is full of double copies of some Japanese stuff, vinyl cleaning machines, synths, some April Orchestra LP was playing. You can feel the quality and attention to details in everything he’s doing – both in a way he’s wrapping records before shipping and in a podcast he recorded for us. He was gathering records for it for more than a year and the result is like a glass of cold water for your thirsty soul in this hot summer noon. It’s called “Good Morning Mr Yellowstone”.

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Tags: Moscow_finest