Podcast 67: FRWCTRL

Christian Beetz aka FRWCTRL from Hamburg (born near Frankfurt and live there his first 33 years) started to collect records since he was 16 after his first disco night with some older friends who took him to the legendary ‘Dorian Gray’ at the Frankfurt airport back in the 90’s. After this night he was fixed in dance music, mostly like techno at this time. Over the years he was expanding his horizon in all kinds of dance music and collecting records of all kinds of style like 80’s pop, balearic, Italo, disco. When he is busy recording podcasts, doing some funny edits and working on his blog you can find them working the turntables in Hamburg together with Julius Singer and Claude Kaiser as ‘Take A Disco’ and as FRWCTRL sometimes in different cities all over Germany. For our podcast series put together a lazy late summer Balearic mix for his upcoming holiday in Fuerteventura.

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