Podcast 60: Jiro Bevis

“We Don’t Need Another Jiro” mix

01. Peter Best – Theme from Crocodile Dundee (Crocodile Dundee)
02. Air – Playground Love (The Virgin Suicides)
03. Bernard Herrmann – I Still Can’t Sleep / They Cannot Touch Her (Taxi Driver)
04. Al Pacino – How Big Are You? (Cruising)
05. Giorgio Moroder – Leopard Tree Dream (Cat People)
06. Ry Cooder – Theme from Southern Comfort (Southern Comfort)
07. Christian Bruhn – Aravanadi – Der Baron (Tim Thaler)
08. Claudio Simonetti – Demon (Demon)
09. Paolo Dossena – War (Tornado)
10. The Edge – One Foot In Heaven (Captive)
11. Tangerine Dream – Shop Territory (Firestarter)
12. Cerrone – Strip-Tease (Brigade Mondaine)
13. Tina Turner – We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) (Instrumental) (Mad Max 3)
14. Walter Carlos – Title Music from A Clockwork Orange (A Clockwork Orange)
15. David Byrne – Dinosaur (The Catherine Wheel)
16. Martin Sheen – Saigon (Apocalypse Now)
17. Vangelis – Wait For Me (Blade Runner)
18. Riz Ortolani – Cannibal Holocaust (Main Theme) (Cannibal Holocaust)
19. Tangerine Dream – The Fight Is On (Three O’Clock High)
20. Madonna – Live To Tell (Instrumental) (At Close Range)
21. Agent Dale Cooper – Diane (Twin Peaks)
22. Ennio Morricone – Cavallina A Cavallo (Dedicato Al Mare Egeo)
23. Ennio Morricone – Il Mio Nome E’ Nessuno (Il Mio Nome E’ Nessuno)
24. Curtis Mayfield – Think (Instrumental) (Superfly)
25. The Plugz – Reel Teen (Repo Man)
26. S. Park – Figment’s Park (Dawn of The Dead)
27. Hal 9000 – Daisy (2001: A Space Odyssey)

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