Podcast 52: Diebrotfrau

Check out the mix from our Berlin friend Udo aka Diebrotfrau: “Sequencing all the atomic bombs waiting for some hot action in the Cold War on the grounds of neglected Nazi history. Dancing with a pervasive eye of the Staatssicherheit in their neck. Anticipating the end, the last exitus, everything above and beyond. But they were still too dead to die and so they did what’s presented in the mix: dadaistic nonsense as a new sense, as opposition. A neurotic trip, highly significant then and now”

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Top-5: Steele Bonus

One of the much loved diggers, Steele Bonus, selected 5 special records: “They are all from the 80s and all have a private press/homemade vibe to them”

Track 65: Thomas Almqvist

The best records of March 2016