Podcast 45: Muscut Plays Records

Dmytro Nikolaenko is one of the few dudes in our country we are pride of. He’s a very interesting eclectic DJ, Muscut label owner and experimental musician. Dmytro mixed up his favorites in his own proportions in this mix for us: here is the German abstract ambient dancing to the Soviet experiment scene , kraut-rock flirts with the Finns and Sun Ra, Ukrainian musicians synthesize musique concrète. The result is a real avant-garde danse macabre! Recommended!

Joe Meek — I Hear A New World
KWJAZ — Once In Babylon (Excerpt)
Andrew Pekler — Wichita Forever
Stanislav Kreitchi — Intermezzo
Andrey Petrov — Lov Zhemchuga
Eduard Artemyev and Yuri Bogdanov — Sails
Pekka Airaksinen — Simha
Farben & James Din A4 — Powerbaum
Ursula Bogner — Metazoon
Vincent Gallo — Brown Storm Poem
Yuri Lugovskoy — Track 1
Nikolaienko — Blue Soup #3
Sun Ra — Neo Project #2
Mescherin’s Orchestra — Golubaya Lad’ya
Silver Apples — Lovefingers
Indirect — Herb
Palais Schaumburg — Ahoi, Nicht Traurig Sein
Neu! — Weissensee
Oval — Ovalprocess (D)

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