Podcast 36: Gigi Masin

We have an exclusive here: the selection from one of our heroes Gigi Masin (check our interview with him). Here’s some words from Gigi about idea behind the mix:

Many people ask me what kind of music I like. I don’t know, it’s difficult to say in the same way I’d have to explain what kind of music I play… A language, a reaction, a feedback, an attitude, or simply (if simply..) an outcome of the job of living. Things sometimes are so underskin, that’s almost impossible to divide and analize without any errors of translation from feelings to words. Again, in a sunday morning or late in a monday night, the music you choose to listen couldn’t be categorized as in a post mortem examination. You are free, you are an island. You can discover new music in the way that music is already into your soul. Beauty appears to the ones that got the same beauty inside. The incomprehnsible is the favourite toy for reviewers and psychologists. The more they do not understand, the more they are impressed. Music and art refuse to be frozen in diagrams, and most of the times, sundays or mondays, what you’re listen to it’s only life. Your life

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