Podcast 34: Tolouse Low Trax

The DJ culture and scene in Germany are super hot at the moment. We are super excited to present you a “The Matter of Life and Death” mix from one of its bravest ambassadors – Tolouse Low Trax, man of refined and mystique beat. He’s a resident DJ and co-owner at legendary Dusseldorf’s bar/club Salon Des Amateurs (which will celebrate its 10th birthday in a week), member of Kreidler band and solo artist and musician. His latest 12” on Karaoke Kalk was in our top of May and also check Tolouse’ top-5 for us. The mix itself is rough, dark, cold, experimental and with almost a physical feeling of sounds made by metal machines and mechanisms. For me it’s imaginative warm-up set of Tolouse in Salon. Listen and enjoy!

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Tags: sda_love

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