Podcast 33: Rune Lindbæk

We feel honoured to host a mix from one and only Rune Lindbæk! He has an interesting and strong connection with Ukraine (in fact, name of his last LP “Krasava” is a Ukrainian-Russian slang word, means “Cool”, “Dude”), Lindbæk played a bunch of times in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Mariupol and more. Rune’s a true legend, a man behind projects like Those Norwegians, The Meanderthals, Metamorfozy, Pechenga, edits albums Sondag and Klubb Kebabb His mixes are always full of surprises, this time is not an exception: there are cinematic vibes, smokey edits, ambient, tenderness, disco and obscurities. Enjoy!

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