Podcast 26: TROL2000

From Lisbon, Rodrigo aka TROL2000 has been linked to music since the early 90s. Connected to the hardcore punk scene, he also had bands and one distributor company. Within the underground circuit, he is known as TROL, name he kept since the time he did graffiti. It was in early 2000 that he became interested in electronic music and also by selecting the records he liked the most. Playing alternative sounds, leftfield rock, disco, house and techno, always creating extremely contagious music on the dance floor, using the vinyl format, which is undoubtedly his favourite. His passion for playing music can be listened at several Portuguese Clubs: Lux, Casino Lisboa, Lounge, Pitch, Musicbox among others. He likes to play for his friends in the parties that he organize, where he shares the DJ booth with Tiago, Photonz, DJ Kent, Thomas Bullock, Cos/Mes, Vahagn, Chida, Kaspar and many others.

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