Podcast 149: Armin Schmelz

I’ve tried to get Armin Schmelz in our podcast series for more than two years. Extraordinary selector from Vienna, he’s part of the legendary Tingel Tangel team and, more recently, part of the Liederbetätigung duo (with Alexander Fuchs) who dig together (check their Youtube channel) and making parties with the likes Rearview Radio and Kejeblos in the city. The duo is focused on “rather real pop songs (or rock, of course) from Germany or Austria, but also love the French and especially the Italian approach to music”. Armin is also known for his crazy edits of hard-to-find bangers. He included some of it in his podcast for us, an incredible and authentic journey into the lush and strange jungle of his mind. P.S. Jan Schulte mentioned Armin as “the best DJ in the world”, so just decide when to listen this mix – right now or asap.

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