Podcast 126: Stevie Whisper

The party animal, one of the Belgrade’s second wave of DJs, the man behind Yes parties on the cult 20/44 club and member of Mystic Stylez and SuperSizeShe collectives. Stevie Whisper had a terrific year, currently played Boiler Room, had a debut release on Common Thread and toured China. The mix he recorded for us is a balanced cocktail of classics and modern off-kilter slow jams.

Louise Bennett – Jamaican Alphabet
Vito Ricci – Parade of the Innocents
Unidad Sasao – Die Gudrun Elektrik
Din A Testbild – Satisfactory
Urexboyfriend – She Took A Gun
Theme – Theme 1
Le Spectre – Spectre Contre Spectre
The Golden Filter – Darkness Falls
Geier aus Stahl – Müdes Geschrei
Rolf Laureijs – Awareness
Sias – 4-7-8
Circa Tapes – Catephillare
Thee Majesty – Bee My Honey Bee
Job Sifre – Mars Express
Mikrovolt – Pneumatik
Miguel Noya – Gran Sabana
Oneohtrix Point Never – No Good

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