Podcast 125: Florian Zimmer

Our friend Misha Shkurat introduced us to Florian Zimmer, the musician behind Driftmachine and Saroos (currently working on new albums in both projects) living in Berlin. The man has a great record collection and the mix he recorded for us is inspired by the nights at now-defunct Neu Bar in Berlin where he played alongside Monique (Sonic Pieces) and Erik (Miasmah Records) the widest range of music: Japanese weirdos, cosmic kraut, gaze haze, whiskey hits & more. “It’s a very mood-driven mix featuring some records I came back to quite often this year like You Have Already Gone to the Other World by A Hawk and a Hacksaw or African Skies by Kelan Phil Cohran And Legacy as well as some new discoveries like Illtet (Mike Ladd has one of those voices I can listen to forever) or Köln – February 23, 1975 a stunning recording by Don Cherry, Terry Riley and Karl Berger, which has been very inspiring while working on new music”.

Rev.A.W.Nix – Black Diamond Express To Hell
Art Ensemble of Chicago – Ja
Ossian – Rozdzial IV
Jan Jellinek – Do You Know Otahiti?
A Hawk An A Hacksaw – Oh, Lord, Saint George, Bewitch Ivan, Make Him Mine
Joe Meek – Globb Waterfall
Ennio Morricone – Dopo L’Intervista
Kelan Phil Cohran – Theme
Terry Riley, Don Cherry,Karl Berger: Descending Moonshine Dervishes
Illtet – Gain
IRMLER OESTERHELT – Deutsche Romantik
Eureka Brass Band – West Lawn Dirge

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