Podcast 123: Åmnfx

After a little break, we continue our podcast series with a mix from Moscow-based avantgarde and experimental musician Åmnfx. Vasily (his real name) studied classical piano and guitar, started production in 2013 and had releases on such well-respected labels as 100% Silk, Opal Tapes and his own Firering. One of his latest tracks was released as a part of a compilation on the beloved MMODEMM, through which we got in contact with him. The mix he recorded for us is a raw unedited one-hour-essence of his current DJ performances. “Dub tunes go straight into rock experiments, lo-fi disco merges with acid thunders, which suddenly go out to smoke some deep techno for a minute or two”. There are also 5 unreleased tracks from the boy himself, don’t miss!

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Tags: Moscow_finest

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